Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2017 Planner Printables Bullet Journal Friendly

I've been making my own planner for the past few years. My reasoning has been that I have specific needs. I'm a mom and I need a place for different lists. I'm artistic, and I need my planner to be sort of fun. I need a space for budgeting. I like spaces for health goals. I need a place to sketch, to write down my crazy ideas and try to motivate myself (ahem, Rob) to cook, so...MEAL PLANS! I'm not much of a journal keeper, so my planner has become my journal as well.

I've recently discovered bullet journaling, and I'm so excited to implement it in this planner! I've added lots of fun pages that will hopefully help me track things I do and keep me into the planner. Last years planner was full of blank pages. :(

Anyway, if you want to give it a try, go for it! It's more complicated to make your own planner, but if this fits your needs, it may be worth it for the year. :) Please excuse the obvious phone quality of the pictures. Here are the 2017 Planner Files.  Enjoy!

Monthly Splash Page
I use cardstock for the calendar/tab page and heavier weight printer paper for the other sheets so I can print front and back. 


 Weekly Splash Page

Ideas Section
I have a number of added sections including: Journal, Spiritual Thoughts, Thank You's, Planning, Ideas and Sketches. I made printable sheets for many of the tabs, but I use good old graph paper for my Ideas tab. 

I make the covers out of chipboard or chipboard-like cardboard. This year, I covered them with fabric.

Here are the 2017 Planner Files. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Tie Dye

We had a tie dye party for Jack's birthday. The kids got to choose the design and colors. Such a great project for kids!

Rosie and her rainbow design.

Jack did a bulls-eye design with neon colors.


Abe did a spiral design and chose the colors himself :). He accessorized with his usual cape and hat.

Friday, October 21, 2016


We decided to get chickens last spring and it has been quite the fun experience! They have been the perfect easy pet and everybody is fond of them. We have learned a lot as well!

We started out with eight little chickies. They were cute for a little bit, but chicks are SOOO messy. I was the primary cleaner upper, so it took me a while to warm up to them as they grew up.

Partway through the summer, our chickens were attacked, and we lost five of them. Now we have three: Peach, Amelia and Oreo.

Rob and Jack have been the primary caretakers. Rob has been their main protector and really loves them.

They sure charm every picture we take and are fun and funny to watch. They love making huge messes with mulch, eating a lot of our bugs, escaping into the cornfield and flying out of their pen. :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fabric Painting

I've been dyeing fabric since Jack was a baby. A few years ago, I learned to make fabric paint that actually integrates into fabric! A lot has been experimental fun, but this summer, I decided to pull out the camera to document some of my hobby.

I use Jaquard Procion dyes, which are fiber reactive. They bind to natural fibers to make beautiful bright, fade resistant colors. You can learn more here:

All of the photos are taken before the items were washed, so the colors are brighter than the end product. The actual effect is a muted soft print that is gorgeous. It is so much fun, and I'm a huge nerd about it.

Above is a painted fish for with the future of being a bag to hold tackle. The little containers show what the Jaquard dyes look like. The gel-like stuff in the mason jar is a mixture of chemicals to form a paint base.

Watermelon print birthing blanket. (Note to self: Use black fabric paint instead of my own mix. The black bleeds and spots in other areas.)

Here is a close up of a fox and watermelon birthing blanket.

I'll have to take more photos! Since I got a smart phone, I always forget to pull out the camera. :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Webelos and Arrow of Light Adventure Checklist Tracking Sheet

Another Cub Scouts post guys!

After doing a search, I couldn't find a document with a list and short description (or tracking sheet) of the Webelos and Arrow of Light Adventures. I found some Wolf and Bear tracking sheets here (awesome!), but nothing for the older boys. So, I pulled out my Webelos/Arrow of Light book and worked through the requirements.

Here is a list for you! It is patterned similarly to the Wolf and Bear tracking sheets, but isn't totally the same.

Spreadsheet version (includes all lists needed)
PDF versions:
Webelos Requirements
Arrow of Light Requirements
Webelos and Arrow of Light Electives

Good luck in Cub Scouts!

Cub Scouts Combined Calendar

Hello All!

This type of post is uncommon to the types of posts I write, but I still wanted to share in case it could be of use to anyone in the same situation as me.

I recently was asked to be a Cub Scout Den Leader for my church group of boys. We only have two boys right now, but one is in Webelos and the other is a Wolf. This presents a bit of a problem with the range of adventures!

I worked through the new requirements for scouts and form a calendar of sorts that would enable us to all work together on similar activities each time we meet.

This method does not allow scouts to pass off a whole lot of adventures, but it allows them to pass off requirements and a few electives and interact with the other boys in the pack.

Here is the calendar:
Spreadsheet version
PDF version

I am sure there could be improvements and if you think of any, let me know! I am by NO means a great organizer. Ask anyone. :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Concert Bingo

Happy December to you! Hope you are making merry as you celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus. Any Christmas Concerts in your future? With kids? I have just the thing. A Bingo sheet to help your child listen to the music and be a bit less fidgety.

Feel free to print this off for your personal use! Click here to download.

Happy Celebrating!

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