Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pink Cinderella Dress Pattern

Hey all!

So guess what?! Remember the dress I made a year ago? Well the pattern for it is finished--the Pink Cinderella Dress Pattern!  It's full of detailed instructions, tips, photos and illustrations to help you make the dress and is a good start off for making lots of dresses in the future! This dress pattern comes in child sizes 3T-6X. Available in digital format at my Etsy shop!

If you make it, I'd love to see how it turns out! Email me a picture!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Monarch Caterpillar Preschool Activity

Hey y'all!

We're in Tennessee this summer! We've begun to do a series of themed weeks to help us when we're escaping the heat that we are SOOO not used to. :)

This week, we learned about monarch butterflies and the life cycle of butterflies.

To start off, after a lesson in the letter "C" and monarch caterpillars (youtube helps us learn:)) we made some monarch caterpillar bracelets. We're all about easy and using what we have on hand, so here are the simple instructions:

 -yellow, white and black colored paper
 -glue stick
 -elastic (the thinner the better--mine is too thick to make this as easy as it should be)

1) Roll up one sheet of yellow, white and black colored paper. Glue closed to make a tube.
2) Cut the paper into 3/8" beads.
3) String onto elastic and tie or sew shut

4) Take a picture, then promptly let your 5 year old tear his apart :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

gender neutral kids room

I recently had the opportunity to work for a magazine. I have not been able to post any projects about it, so I have not posted photos of the kid's room. Now I can, so here we go!

I went with a very colorful theme. I love color!

quilt made by me (just stripes, so I could handle it :))

quilt made by grandma :)

paper mache hot air balloon

Jackson Pollock inspired art

silhouette inspired art

adorable baby :)



For a short update, we are selling our home a little sooner than we had originally planned. Rob has one year left in school and we will be in Tennessee this summer. As excited as we are for the future, I am quite sad to leave our home that I love. I know that wherever we are will be home, but I'm still sad. :( Once we had our house listed, it never looked so great! (I'm sure this is how lots of people feel.) I took a few pictures of my favorite spaces.

I should be packing and such, but I wanted to post these photos before we move just in case I get super sad after we've gone and I want to post them.

First off-- living room


Kid's Room

More to come on the gender neutral kids room!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Alphabet Banner

Hello! Haven't been around here for a while. That is because I'm a busy wife with a husband in school, and a mom of three silly, cute, crazy children! Also, I have been working on launching my Etsy Shop!

I just finished this project, and I'm a little bit excited about it! It brightens a dreary winter.

I love hanging the alphabet on the wall so that I can refer to it to my preschool-age kids. I don't have to pull anything out to show them. It's just there. I'm reminded to talk about it more and it's easy to reference. I'd love to hear your quick and easy ways to teach your children!

Hope your winter is going well/quickly/both. :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

dinosaur sweatshirt tutorial

This year, Abe was a dragon for Halloween...except that I forgot to make wings, so he was more like a dinosaur. Oh well. :)

Here is a picture tutorial of what went down.

-sweatshirt (You don't have to commit this to the costume, you can unpin the scales and use the sweatshirt later.)
-no-pill fleece
-bias tape
-hem tape
-safety pins

Step 1

Cut out graduating triangle shapes like these from the fleece. My shapes ranged from being 2 inches long to 5 inches long. That size would be great for any kid adaptations. For each scale sew two triangles together along the pointy scale edges.

Step 2

Open the bias tape so that there is only one center fold along the length of the strip. Wrap the two open edges of the triangle around the fold of the bias tape. Pin and zig-zag stitch in place.

Step 3

Open the bias tape and press the hem tape down. This will help the scales stand up.

Step 4

Cut a tail out of two pieces of fleece. Sew together, leaving the top open. Turn right side out. You're ready to stitch the scales down to the tail!

Step 5

 Wrap the bias tape around the curved seam of the tail. Pin heavily, then zigzag stitch in place.

Step 6

Fill tail with stuffing. Pin the top, but turn the tail so that the scales are centered. Zig-zag stitch in place.

Step 7

Pin scales to sweatshirt. If you have extra scales, tuck under hood.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

goings on

We've been busy around here. But really, who isn't busy? I'd like to know. In my way, I have many projects started and I'm finishing them little by little. I have tried to limit my projects and finish everything before I started something else. This does not work for me. I just sat around and didn't make anything because I didn't want to finish my projects, when I finally gave in and started something new, I was so refreshed, I finished some of the projects that had been waiting. Anyway... sorry for the ramble.

I've been researching autumn wreaths and found one that I liked here. I gathered around 100 acorns and pinecones (courtesy of unsuspecting neighbors and BYU). I had to start and stop a few times because I didn't realize how many of them I'd need. I sprayed some of the acorn nuts and pinecones and old (dated) berries with copper spray paint and love the effect it added!

Other goings on:

 I finally finished setting up my Halloween mantel.

 Abe clearing his tray of food in 5 seconds. Again.

I bought a half bushel of apples remembering Rob's apple pies and some how (I don't know how) forgetting that he is the busiest he's ever been in his life.

We're finishing up Jack's Halloween costume (a knight). I spray painted some $1 a yard kelly green vinyl metallic silver for his armor.

We're still getting raspberries! It's my daily treat (aside from dark chocolate chips).

I'm hoping to finish Halloween costumes soon. I'm also hoping to have enough energy/time to post them before or on Halloween. We'll see.

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