Flush and Wash Printable Sign

6:51:00 PM

 I find that I'm desperate for any chance to get my kids to consistently flush the toilet and wash their hands. 

In my experience, signs work really well for a little while. Although I'm still on the lookout for a permanent solution that doesn't involve nagging, here is something I that has helped. The nice thing about it is that it can be read in the mirror as well!

I printed the letters, traced them and colored them with pastels.

If you would like to make one of your own, feel free to print it out and color it in yourself!

Download the coloring print out here.


Free Printable Skeleton Decoration

1:14:00 PM

When Jack was little, he drew a skeleton that we all fell in love with. He's an artist at heart and has grown a lot, but I have to say I just love the charm of little kid art when details are more of a focus than dimensions. I had this print in my Etsy shop for a while, but I'm focusing on selling patterns and making the other things free. Now this guy is available for free! It would look just perfect above a pile of pumpkins!

Download your free print here! Please be fair and honest and don't resale.


Harry Potter Birthday Party

1:02:00 PM

Little Miss Rose turned 9 this year and she happens to be obsessed with Harry Potter. Not an exaggeration: obsessed! We threw her a low key birthday party and it was fun to have a theme. Here are a few of the things we did. There are so many good resources out there!

We played pin the scar on Harry Potter. I used the Harry Potter design from the bookmarks (link below) to make this guy. He's just made from cardstock.

I am no cake guru, so simple is all I can handle. It's a plus if the cake turns out too! Ever since I went gluten free, my cake baking skills have declined, haha. Here is our simple golden snitch with paper wings.

This is Rosie's display of every Harry Potter thing she could get her hands on: books, pages from a notebook, handmade wand. She got lucky and with the presents added, this display would be double now, haha!

The invitation was fun to design. We tried to make it look similar to a Hogwarts invitation.  You can download the font HarryP to make your own!

Here are some other tools we used that I didn't get a picture of:

Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt from

Harry Potter Bookmarks from
Harry Potter Fortune Teller from
Dementor Chocolate Wrappers from


Free Printable Easter Eggs Coloring Craft

8:29:00 PM

Happy Easter, Happy Spring! My daughter just found a nest with eggs in it today and the birds were singing their hearts out in our trees, so I think today is a fitting day to post this FREE printable Easter Eggs Coloring Craft.

easter egg designs, bunny coloring

My kids have had so much fun with this-- from coloring and cutting to taping up on the wall with a little trail that leads to a bunny.

coloring egg designs, bunny craft

We often don't get around to coloring real eggs, so I guess I can count coloring paper eggs. Right?! :)

easter egg coloring, bunny coloring


egg designs, crayon easter eggs

fun crafts

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

3:54:00 PM

paper plate hat, funny babies

Kid's make laughing come easy around here. Hope you had a great day!

If you're looking for an easy craft, this was fun for the kids-- two sheets of green construction paper, along with black and yellow construction paper and a paper plate is all you need. It's nothing incredible, but easy and fun and kids aren't picky. ;)