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Bow Tie Kits Added to the Shop

11:12:00 AM

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You guys, I'm slowly getting through and refining the things I have planned for the shop. The process is going MUCH slower than anticipated, but it's moving forward at least. ;)

easy sewing project, kit, vintage, high quality

In the meantime, I DO have Bow-Tie Kits available if you would like to make your own! Check them out!

cotton, seersucker, oxford, textured, stripe, gingham

Aren't these fun color options? I love oxfords and seersuckers...and gingham, stripes and fun textures. Let's be honest, I love fabric.

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Easy Bow Tie Tutorial

10:56:00 AM

my first video! Don't judge, haha.

DIY bow tie, easy sewing project, classy Easter clothes, vintage, oxford

I'm making ties for the boys this Easter and Abe and Rob get candy stripe bow ties. Watch the vid and follow the tutorial to see how easy they are to make!

***Bow-Tie Kits available at my shop!***

Cut fabric and interfacing following the cutting and size guide.

Attach interfacing to bow tie piece. Place interfacing at center of piece. Heat iron to correct setting (high for cotton/linen, medium for polyester/nylon/wool). Attach interfacing to neck strip. Place interfacing 1/4 inch from one side.

Fold bow tie and neck strip in half lengthwise WRONG SIDES TOGETHER. Stitch along long edges 1/4 from edge. Press seams open.

Turn bow tie and neck strip RIGHT SIDES out and press. For the bow tie piece, press with the seam in the center. For the neck strip, press with seam along the side.

Fold short ends of bow tie piece to center--overlapping 1/2 inch.

Thread a needle and stitch down the center of the bow tie piece following diagram below.

Pull stitching tight to gather. Push needle back up through gathers and pull tight again. Tie knot to secure.

Fold long ends of small tie piece toward the center. This piece should be between 3/8 and 1/2 inch wide.

Layer small tie piece, bow tie, and neck piece. Wrap small tie piece around bow tie and neck piece tightly. Fold small tie piece under about 1/2 inch to create clean edge to stitch.

Whip stitch small tie piece together while it is pulled tight around the other pieces.

String metal hook piece through one end of neck piece. Fold end under 1/2 inch and either zig-zag stitch or whip stitch in place.
String metal rectangle piece through one hole on other end of neck piece. String metal loop piece through same end. Put end of neck piece through the other hole in the metal rectangular piece and fold over about 1/2 inch. Either zig-zag stitch or whip stitch in place.


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Gardening Book Recommendations

11:07:00 AM


Someday, I would love to have a few acres of land. I'd love to have an orchard, a flower farm, a wildflower patch, bees, a raspberry patch, and a small vegetable garden. Big dream? Yes. I would love to use it as a good way to my teach kids hard work. They could take goods to a farmer's market and earn money for missions and college.  In preparation for this dream, I've been devouring books about all such subjects so that I have a vague idea of what I'm doing. We've moved a lot over the past 10 years, but I still have tried to experiment in the gardening department. Sometimes I've had success, sometimes not.

growing flowers, gardening

This little beauty--Cut Flower Garden by Erin Benzakein-- arrived in the mail a few days ago! It was a very welcome treat. I've been having sooo much fun reading all the wonderful things Erin has to share about flower farming. I'm encouraged to experiment even though we are moving this summer, and hopefully I can get a lot of great flowers next year!

Since we're talking about gardening, I have a few more recommendations:

joy in your garden, book of garden wisdom, cut flower garden

I love the charm and history in the The Old Farmer's Almanac Book of Garden Wisdom. This book was the book that first got me dreaming about gardens, orchards and such. It gives wonderful practical tips AND goes into interesting and awesome detail about Thomas Jefferson's peach orchards.

Joy in Your Garden is written specifically for gardeners in the Utah/Idaho/Wyoming/Colorado area. However, I have used it as a pretty reliable reference while living in Illinois. I LOVE how she describes in detail all the "to-do's" for each season from pruning to planting to planning. It's also quite a fun read.

I'm just itching to get spinach, peas and carrots in the ground! It's very rainy for the next several days, so we'll see how far I get next week. Happy Gardening!

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Chicks and Ducks and Geese Better Scurry--Handmade Dress with Embroidered Duck

9:57:00 AM

Denim Baby dress, handmad dress, spring dress, duckie embroidery

Happy Spring! You guys. It is finally here. Spring! Can you tell I'm excited? Can you tell it's my favorite season?!

Denim Baby dress, handmad dress, spring dress, duckie embroidery, crocus

Crocuses blooming, lilac bushes budding, daffodils coming.
Birds singing, ladybugs everywhere, happy chickens.
Today is an absolutely beautiful day!

Denim Baby dress, handmad dress, spring dress, duckie embroidery
"Wait a minute.. I have pockets?!"
Here is little Eve in a dress I made to help me get through the winter, haha. I was inspired by this darling duck fabric. I actually used a lightweight denim shirt for the fabric. I'm happy with how it turned out, but I think that Eve is always nervous to wear things after I've sewn them. There have been a FEW times I've forgotten to take pins out. Oops! Let's just say I'm pregnant with #5 and remembering has never been my strong suit in the first place.

Denim Baby dress, handmad dress, spring dress, duckie embroidery

How is your spring going? Is it in full swing or just starting?

 If you're interested in embroidering this little duckie, here is a basic outline pattern you can follow. I used a satin stitch for filling in the duck.


It's a great day for the Irish

10:02:00 AM

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Here are some fun things to celebrate the day:
  •  I talked to my sister, who married into an Irish family and she knows so much about the culture and how traditions started! She referred me to this interesting article about Corned Beef and Cabbage.
  • Did you know that leprechauns are categorized as fairies? I've been known to be obsessed with fairies, so this is of special interest to me. ;) 
    "Leprechauns are clever Irish fairies who wear three-cornered hats. Every leprechaun has its hidden pot of gold."
    -Fairyopolis, A flower Fairies Journal, Cicely Mary Barker
  • We made this darling sign for our St. Patrick's Day decoration this year. It was simple and easy to put together.
  • I'm loving all the rainbows in little girl clothes this year! Land's End, Gymboree and Children's Place all have super cute options that I wish fit me!
What are your traditions?

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Bright Apple Blossom Patterns

9:50:00 AM

Felt Bumblebee Applique, Embroidery, Classic Design, Field Guide

It's an exciting day! 

is officially open!

Today, we're launching with two products-- My Felt Bumble Bee Applique Kit and the Pattern. Please go check them out!

Upcoming items:
  • Princess Dress Patterns and Kits
  • Easter Bow-Tie Kits
  • Felt Applique and Embroidered Halloween Patterns and Kits
  • Felt Christmas Stocking Patterns and Kits
felt applique, embroidery, children's clothing, costumes, sew-with-me
*Right now, payment is only accepted via PayPal. Other options coming soon, but please feel free to email me with any questions!

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