Happy Easter!

8:50:00 PM

We went to T. for Easter. It was really fun. All the kids were there, so it was fun to be all together. Although it's really crazy having tons of people hanging out in a little house, it's nice to see everyone. Matt and Jed woke me and Rob up at 5:30 in the morning looking for their Easter baskets. Man, I wasn't happy then, but later in the day, after a nap, I felt better.

Last week, I talked about looking for an Easter dress. Oh boy, I went shopping and got so sick of it! I hate shopping with a big fat tummy! I can't find anything and I am so picky. I finally broke down and got a semi-decent dotted-swiss gauze jumper at Burlington Coat Factory. When I came home, I showed my mom, and her fashionista opinion wasn't very high of my Easter outfit. She told me to take the dress back and then we scrounged for an Easter outfit at home. Luckily, I found something I loved. Here is a picture of me in the outfit on Easter with Robert.

My sister Tessa and I got a lot of attention at church because we were both pregnant, so we took a picture together. Tess and I are 7 weeks apart.

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