IT'S A.......BOY!

9:21:00 PM

We went to the doctor today and had an ultrasound! People asked me what I thought I was having and for the first time today, I pretty much felt like it was a boy.

Well he didn't hide anything in the ultrasound and he is definitely a boy! I'm actually okay with it. I wanted a girl so bad before, but I'm excited for a boy. Tessa is having and boy, Rob's sister just had a boy and his sister-in-law is also having a boy in the spring. He'll have a lot of little cousin buddies!

I'm most happy that he seems totally healthy. That's relieving.

I'm excited to do a red, yellow and blue vintage baby room. Tessa's doing a vintage primary color room too I think. I can't wait to go to a supposedly really cool quilt shop in Salt Lake and find some good stuff.

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