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Oh how I wish I could make yarn like this!

11:15:00 PM

I was just browsing on Etsy and ran across some awesome yarn from Crazy Monkey. So neat!! It first made me want to learn how to spin wool and die it in all the cool ways the yarns are dyed, but then I though that probably won't happen for a while. I wish I could buy it and make something cool out of it, but I'm not a good enough crocheter. It's seems to be good quality-100% merino wool and aren't the colors cool?!? I need to practice crocheting so I can get some yarn and make something really neat!

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List of things to sew

12:49:00 AM

Last time I said I would come up with something clothes-wise and posted it on the blog instead of just telling Rob, I actually came up with something.
I'm going to try it again because I actually have things I need to sew:

1. maternity dress pants
2. fix white dress shirt to be a maternity shirt
3. sew a cute maternity dress
4. bright bag that will be big enough to hold a lot of food, but small enough to get into all the buildings in New York.

I need to sew these because I am going to New York in a few weeks, and the professor I'm going with so kindly required these things. Now, for someone who is not pregnant, this wouldn't be a problem. But for me, with my one pair of maternity jeans and maternity t-shirts. This presents a problem.
I would just go buy them, but the New York trip is pretty much sucking all my clothes budget out. #1 and #2 are the most important. #3 is just for seeing Wicked and perhaps graduation.
Here is kind of what I want to do for the dress:

I know, it's just a poor Paint picture, that doesn't show how cool it will be, but if I get it done, it will be cool.
Lilac eyelet, deep pleats along rounded neckline, kimono sleeves, and knee length. Simple, but cute!

fun crafts

What to do with pretty pink berries?

11:44:00 PM

I made this little patchwork square about a month ago with plans to use it for a diaper bag (I was assuming that I would have a girl). Now I have this cute little square and don't know what to do with it. I would make a diaper bag for someone else having a girl, but I just don't think it would be appreciated enough. Just that piece alone was a lot of work!
Boy am I stuck. I guess I could make more of them in different colors. Then I could make a really cute quilt, but I don't know where I'd use or display it. I have a whole five rooms in this apartment, and hot pink isn't included in any of the color schemes. Or I guess I could just make a purse or bag anyway. Do I need a diaper bag to match the gender of my baby? What's the rule on that?
Hmmmm...... What to do?!

baby stuff

vintage cowboy nursery

6:03:00 PM

So, I have been debating whether or not I should do a vintage cowboy nursery or not. I know that I want red, yellow and blue, but I'm not sure if I want to actually do a cowboy room.
Growing up in a small farm town, I've had plenty of experience with cowboys and wanna-be cowboys. I just don't want to have that hick tacky cowboy flare in my baby's room.
On the other hand, I love vintage cowboy stuff. Cowboys were huge in the 50's and I love stuff from Roy Rogers. I remember watching Pecos Bill with my siblings when I lived at home, and noticing that the vintage cowboy stuff is so classy and cool! We'll see what I decide, but I thought I'd make a design board for it anyway.

UPDATE: I decided to do the vintage cowboy nursery. Click here to see it finished!

I found some really cool fabric designed by Michael Miller. I would use that probably a red polka-dot for the bedding and window treatments (haha, I'm saying this as if I will actually do it- I probably won't have time).

The little pictures are actually from a really cool book I bought at a thrift store, so I'll cut out the pages and frame them.

The hat, boots and guitar are all kind of silly decorations because as much as I would like to have them in the room, they're all real cowboy stuff, so it's all too expensive. If I find anything at a thrift store though, I'll definitely use it. I do have to admit though, that I like the hat. It is called a Bailey® Woody felt hat and is actually a really good price for wool felt hats.

Robert told me that Roy Rogers played a Martin guitar, so on the board is a Little Martin. He actually is okay with getting that (only because he'd just use it:)).

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