List of things to sew

12:49:00 AM

Last time I said I would come up with something clothes-wise and posted it on the blog instead of just telling Rob, I actually came up with something.
I'm going to try it again because I actually have things I need to sew:

1. maternity dress pants
2. fix white dress shirt to be a maternity shirt
3. sew a cute maternity dress
4. bright bag that will be big enough to hold a lot of food, but small enough to get into all the buildings in New York.

I need to sew these because I am going to New York in a few weeks, and the professor I'm going with so kindly required these things. Now, for someone who is not pregnant, this wouldn't be a problem. But for me, with my one pair of maternity jeans and maternity t-shirts. This presents a problem.
I would just go buy them, but the New York trip is pretty much sucking all my clothes budget out. #1 and #2 are the most important. #3 is just for seeing Wicked and perhaps graduation.
Here is kind of what I want to do for the dress:

I know, it's just a poor Paint picture, that doesn't show how cool it will be, but if I get it done, it will be cool.
Lilac eyelet, deep pleats along rounded neckline, kimono sleeves, and knee length. Simple, but cute!

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