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So, I have been debating whether or not I should do a vintage cowboy nursery or not. I know that I want red, yellow and blue, but I'm not sure if I want to actually do a cowboy room.
Growing up in a small farm town, I've had plenty of experience with cowboys and wanna-be cowboys. I just don't want to have that hick tacky cowboy flare in my baby's room.
On the other hand, I love vintage cowboy stuff. Cowboys were huge in the 50's and I love stuff from Roy Rogers. I remember watching Pecos Bill with my siblings when I lived at home, and noticing that the vintage cowboy stuff is so classy and cool! We'll see what I decide, but I thought I'd make a design board for it anyway.

UPDATE: I decided to do the vintage cowboy nursery. Click here to see it finished!

I found some really cool fabric designed by Michael Miller. I would use that probably a red polka-dot for the bedding and window treatments (haha, I'm saying this as if I will actually do it- I probably won't have time).

The little pictures are actually from a really cool book I bought at a thrift store, so I'll cut out the pages and frame them.

The hat, boots and guitar are all kind of silly decorations because as much as I would like to have them in the room, they're all real cowboy stuff, so it's all too expensive. If I find anything at a thrift store though, I'll definitely use it. I do have to admit though, that I like the hat. It is called a Bailey® Woody felt hat and is actually a really good price for wool felt hats.

Robert told me that Roy Rogers played a Martin guitar, so on the board is a Little Martin. He actually is okay with getting that (only because he'd just use it:)).

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  1. Hey Rach!

    I had to comment on your post, because Nate and I are currently living in Tremonton. I had totally forgotten that you were from here. Anyway, I think the idea is cute, that you should make a bag if you want one (it's not like the baby is going to know either way, it's more for you anyway), and that you're awesome. Good luck with everything!

    -Nicole...the RA one. :)


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