Glimpses of New York City- costumes

9:14:00 PM

We got our new external hard drive, so now I can load pictures onto the computer! Yay!

I thought I'd start with one of my favorite visits in NYC. We went to a costume making shop who does specialty costumes for Broadway shows. We got to look at a whole bunch of finished costumes and costumes in the making.

Here is a Little Mermaid costume in the making. Isn't it beautiful?

This is a costume for Mary Poppins. Pretty skirt huh? I want one like that.

Although this picture doesn't seem like much, it was one of my favorite parts. This was the area where they hand paint fabric for the costumes. We got to see some costumes they were working on and we got to watch them work a little! So cool! I definitely want to give fabric painting a try.

This is one of Ursula's (from Little Mermaid) tenticles close up. So COOL!

Apparently, the woman who plays Ursula is very small, so they had to add hips to make her a little more curvaceous. I would have never thought of having such rounded padding!

One of my favorite pieces! I can't remember exactly what it was used for- I think it was a show in Las Vegas. Can you believe all of that was hand painted and sequined?

This was another wonderful mermaid costume. Again, hand painted and sequined!

This is a really cool costume from The Lion King! I can't believe all the detail and work that goes into these costumes!

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  1. Rach, that is so awesome!! You got some great pictures of costumes, they're so cool!

  2. In another life, I'm going to be a full time costume designer. This looks AMAZING, and so much fun! I don't even mind the painstaking-ness of hand sewing and beading, if it's for a costume...

  3. Can you give any more details about the name of the place or how I could go about seeing this place? I am very interested! I might be making my first trip to NYC this summer, and to see something like this would just make my year!

  4. Hi, I just happened to wander across your post while looking for a certain Broadway costume. They are all really wonderful pictures, but the one labeled as Mary Poppins is, in fact, from Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera. The full gown is called the "Wishing Gown" and is worn by the lead actress in the show (the one who plays Christine Daae).

  5. Thank you for sharing, I am a costume designer and loved reading your post. We are working on re-creating Ursula with a twist AND Mary Poppins right now.:) This was extremely helpful for my research.



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