Glimpses of New York City- handmade flowers

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One of the favorite tours we went on was to a place that is full of handmade flowers. There is a man who makes beautiful flowers by hand. These flowers are sold to designers. They use them for whole haute couture dresses as well as just little flower pins or hair pieces. It was really interesting. It was just a little shop and this man does all the detail work for millions of flowers. Apparently, he is the only one in the U.S. left who makes them. He said he has had I think twelve surgeries on his hands from twisting and pulling all those petals! OUCH.

Here he is- showing us how he made a flower for Louis Vitton

These are some of the little stamps used for all the different flowers.

Here are some of the tools used to cut the fabric with the stamps.

Here are some of the pieces already cut out. I think the red petals are made of wool. They use any natural fiber from silk to cotton to make these flowers. They are starched, then stretch and/or curled. They are carefully placed together and somehow they stay together (didn't catch that part). Then we have beautiful flowers!

Here are just a few examples of some of the ones he made.

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  1. Rach, that's amazing. Did you bring a flower home? And just so ya know, I've been surfing your links for the past hour and am feeling inspire to do all kinds of crafty things... I feel like you :)

  2. Hi there,

    I'm currently a design student at Syracuse University researching for my senior collection this fall. I was wondering if you had any contact info for the Flower Maker? If so, please send me an email: my addy:


  3. hi
    this is amazing
    i tried myself to create some flowers. But looks like i need some help. i'm a fashion design student in Romania and i created some pattern for flowers. I had no clue it's working with stamp! I work on a project where i have to create flowers. I hope you can gv me some good tips. How do you make thm stay together? And how do you get the volume?

    Thank you


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