Glimpses of New York City- nice views and favorite places

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I thought I would add a few more photos from my trip to New York. I really only have one other REALLY cool thing to show you other than these favorite places and views. I should probably do it quick though, because it's getting a little late to be posting these as current news or something.

I felt the very safest here. New York is such a busy town! I was independent before I got pregnant, but it took a lot of getting used to to have to keep my purse close and be on the lookout for anything out of the usual (like I knew). Not to mention getting lost! I didn't learn my way about the subways until the last day we were there, so it wouldn't have been to good. Anyway, on Sunday, we went to church in this pretty little brownstone. Very nice and lovely. The ward was so fun and the building had the cleanest bathrooms in New York City.

This view of New York City is from the ferry we took to see Ellis Island. I loved the ride. It was nice and cool and the views were beautiful.

This picture was taken from the top of the Empire State Building. If you ever go, don't be fooled by the movies thinking you'll be to the top in twenty minutes or less. It took us almost 2 hours! As cool as the view was, I would have liked it much better if I wasn't pregnant and sore. Good thing I talked the girls into letting me stay at Macy's so I could get another pair of comfy shoes for my swelling feet.

Central Park was by far my favorite place. When we went, it was kind of rainy and wet. I'm sure some didn't like it, but I was just happy it wasn't blazing hot.

Look at these beautiful cobblestone streets! I loved them so much. They have such unique character and charm.

The tulips were in full bloom all over. So lovely!

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  1. looks beautiful! and tons of fun! jeff went to New Jersey on his mission, so he went to NY alot. i'm excited for him to take me there someday!


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