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crocheted and knitted treasures from DaWanda

2:29:00 PM

I was just surfing blogs today, and found a wonderful little link to an online store in Europe. They have such unique and cool things! I'm so excited to get ideas for things to make from it. For todays post, I decided to stick to the wonderful crocheted things I found. There were many others, and I'll probably post them later, but here are the little beauties.

yellow stuffed cat: simple, but cute and fun. I think I could make this. I'll have to give it a try. I love floppy animals.

baby strawberry flip-flops: okay, I don't think I need to tell you how darling these little shoes are. yes, very impractical, but really, a little strawberry blossom and dangling strawberries? it's just too cute!

lady bug brooch: this comes in lots of cute colors like yellow and pink. what an ingenious idea. am I too old to wear this?

flower hair clips: again, I would like to wear these too if I could. they are so darling! they also come in many colors. how lovely!

watermelon hat: how cute! I know I'm having a boy, but if I ever have a girl (I'd better), I will make her one of these... after I learn how.

blackberry hat: I wonder if I'm stretching it too far, if I let my little boy wear a hat like this. I would probably want more of a blueberry hat though. I guess I'll have to ask Rob if it is acceptable for his little boy to have one.

cool finds


2:24:00 AM

So, lately I've been noticing that Ikat is becoming a very popular pattern for home decor. When I was first introduced to it, I thought it looked too Western. Now, with the more contemporary colors and designs like this one, I think I'm warming up to it.

I took a textiles class a few years ago and learned how Ikat is made. I think it is pretty interesting, so I thought I would share.
There are many different ways to make a "design" on a fabric. You can paint or print onto the finished fabric piece, or you can dye the yarn and weave to make a design (this results in a type of plaid). Ikat is kind of a combination of both. The yarns are painted or dyed, in a pattern, so that when the yarns are woven together, it creates a kind of blending effect in the design.
I found this pillow on a website called Sheherazade. I do believe that if I were to have Ikat in my home, this would be my favorite piece. The colors are beautiful and bright and the design is more contemporary and whimsical.


I love hats

10:13:00 AM

I decided to display my vintage hat collection (yeah, it's only a few) I pinned them up on a wall in our bedroom. They look very nice.

My mom has an incredible vintage hat collection. It takes up two whole walls and there isn't a hat that is newer than 50 years old. She has a really cool vintage dress and shoe collection too. I really need to post her awesome stuff. Every time a friend came over to my house in Tremonton, I would show them my mom's collection.

In New York, we went to FIT (Fashion Institute Technology or something like that). There collection of vintage clothing was pathetic in comparison to my mom's. They wouldn't let us touch anything, and the lady used white gloves to hold up the pieces. My mom should have a museum or something.

Anyway, I'm started a vintage clothing collection. I have some hats and dresses, but I don't think it will ever be as cool as my moms.

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