crocheted and knitted treasures from DaWanda

2:29:00 PM

I was just surfing blogs today, and found a wonderful little link to an online store in Europe. They have such unique and cool things! I'm so excited to get ideas for things to make from it. For todays post, I decided to stick to the wonderful crocheted things I found. There were many others, and I'll probably post them later, but here are the little beauties.

yellow stuffed cat: simple, but cute and fun. I think I could make this. I'll have to give it a try. I love floppy animals.

baby strawberry flip-flops: okay, I don't think I need to tell you how darling these little shoes are. yes, very impractical, but really, a little strawberry blossom and dangling strawberries? it's just too cute!

lady bug brooch: this comes in lots of cute colors like yellow and pink. what an ingenious idea. am I too old to wear this?

flower hair clips: again, I would like to wear these too if I could. they are so darling! they also come in many colors. how lovely!

watermelon hat: how cute! I know I'm having a boy, but if I ever have a girl (I'd better), I will make her one of these... after I learn how.

blackberry hat: I wonder if I'm stretching it too far, if I let my little boy wear a hat like this. I would probably want more of a blueberry hat though. I guess I'll have to ask Rob if it is acceptable for his little boy to have one.

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