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So, lately I've been noticing that Ikat is becoming a very popular pattern for home decor. When I was first introduced to it, I thought it looked too Western. Now, with the more contemporary colors and designs like this one, I think I'm warming up to it.

I took a textiles class a few years ago and learned how Ikat is made. I think it is pretty interesting, so I thought I would share.
There are many different ways to make a "design" on a fabric. You can paint or print onto the finished fabric piece, or you can dye the yarn and weave to make a design (this results in a type of plaid). Ikat is kind of a combination of both. The yarns are painted or dyed, in a pattern, so that when the yarns are woven together, it creates a kind of blending effect in the design.
I found this pillow on a website called Sheherazade. I do believe that if I were to have Ikat in my home, this would be my favorite piece. The colors are beautiful and bright and the design is more contemporary and whimsical.

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