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I love fashion. I love color. Despite the fact that fall season is already in full swing and color trends are already noticeable, I wanted to share my favorite colors that are big this fall.

#1: Raspberry Red. According to fashion trendsetter, the Pantone Fashion Color Report calls it Aurora Red. This is a beautiful spin off of the traditional red- just a little more pink than brown. I love it!

#2: Dusty Lilac. The Color Report calls it Withered Rose. It's just a very muted pinky violet. So beautiful and soft.

#3: Light Navy. Not in any real prediction chart other than the suggestion of it being a key neutral. I've always loved Navy, but a lighter shade freshens it up.

#4: Chartreuse. Again, this one doesn't hit any of the charts, and I haven't really seen it in the stores, but what a beautiful color combination with the Raspberry, Lilac or Navy. Too bad this color isn't for everyone either (me included).

Last spring the big color break was Canary Yellow, Kelly Green and Cobalt Blue with Black to offset it. I think that Yellow was the star of the show which is too bad because I can't pull off a super bright yellow.

I decided to look and see what's in store for next spring and I'm quite excited. As cool as the traffic colors were last spring, this spring, they are more muted and flattering to more people.
Here are some cool color stories: Chic, Classic, Casual.

I took some of my favorites from these (yes I messed with the color stories), and made one of my own. It actually looks a little fall-ish to me (probably because I just kept a lot of my favorite colors similare to the ones in fall). Notice how the versions of the Raspberry and Navy are still there? Yay! The only problem: where is spring pink?

And for all you with the fun bright yellow, blue and green- don't worry, they're still big colors for next spring.

In New York, we went to Color Association USA and learned about how they forecast all the future colors for Women's, Men's, Children's and Interiors fashion. They gather a group of very observant people who analyze trends. They come from many different backgrounds but come together with lists of colors and actual objects to base their forecasting. Cool huh?

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all things vintage

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lemon hat, yellow shoes, yellow purse
A little while ago, I talked about how I was not impressed with FIT's vintage dress collection, and mentioned my mom's awesome collection. When we went to T. at the end of July, I took some pictures of her beautiful dresses, shoes and hats. Here are some of my favorites.

This is a beautiful pink lace vintage 50's formal. It has rhinestones along the neckline, a cute lace bolero and a belt. This also is a vintage purse- so cute!

green velvet, yellow velvet, orange velvet, pink flowers, feathers, leaf hat
Here are some of my favorite hats. I have worn the yellow and green ones on different occasions. I love how the yellow one fits over curly short hair. The gorgeous pink and oranges ones are new to me. My mom must have added them to her collection while I was at college.

tiered dress, handsewn beads, mauve
This dress is from the 40's I couldn't get a good picture of the whole thing is it is broken up in some pieces. I wore this dress when my sister's and I would perform songs from the Andrew sisters. I love it so much!

light blue, teal, ruffles, crepe
This was one of the most treasured dresses in my mom's collection. It is from the 30's and is absolutely gorgeous. My younger sister wore this one when we would perform. The skirt is cut and the bias, so when it is on a body, it looks so beautiful.

silk flowers, drop waist

This is also new to my mom's collection. This is from the 20's and is incredible. Nobody is allowed to wear this one. Can you believe all the detail and the lace?


I need Halloween ideas

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I've been trying to think of fun things for our family to be for Halloween. Robert had a good idea yesterday for Jack. He suggested using Jack's name for his costume: Jack-O-Lantern, Jack Sparrow...

So, I thought maybe we could make it a family event. Jack Jack, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl or Jack Frost and Mother nature. This picture shows how awesome Jack Frost would be. His hair is crazy!!! Plus, I would love to be Mother Nature. The only problem is, who would Rob be? He thought of Father Time, but he wasn't super excited about it. Maybe The Sandman?? Any ideas?

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front yard gardens- minimal grass

12:58:00 AM

I just finished an awesome book- Front Yard Gardens: Growing More than Grass. It's about making a garden out of your front yard rather than just having grass. It's such an inspiring book about how to make a unique and beautiful garden. I borrowed it from the library. It's over-due, but I'm trying to copy down information for reference in the future.

I'm excited to use these ideas for our future yard... whenever we get one. I just need to figure out how to combine the different styles I like- English gardens, cottage gardens, courtyards, secret gardens.

I would suggest to anyone who likes landscaping to borrow this book from the library and read it. I read it the last few weeks of pregnancy, and through labor- it did okay in distracting me. :) It's easy and fun to read!

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