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ghoul bride

11:59:00 PM

black and white costume, spooky, fancy halloween

My sister called the other day and needed help for a Halloween costume. We put this one together in a few hours, then had a photo shoot.

We used my practice wedding dress, some vintage black and white hats and hairpieces, and sheer fabric. Check out that creepy wedding ring: a diamond on a spider! White cream and black and dramatic makeup, it makes for a glam ghoul bride!

baby stuff

monkey diaper cake

11:14:00 PM

Easy fun baby gift, monkies, jungle baby

I made a diaper cake for the first time yesterday. I did a monkey theme because there were monkeys showing every which way I rolled them. I used construction and tissue paper for the leaves, tissue paper for the yellow bands, and felt for the monkey and butterflies. I got the monkey shape from here and the idea for leaves around the cake from here. It's held together with rubber bands and wire. It was so fun!



10:52:00 PM

I was looking through my labels, and noticed that there is only one for recipes. Because of how often I cook, I probably shouldn't have even put a label of recipes, but for some reason I did.

Anyway, there is one thing that I can make. Right after my freshman year, I moved to an apartment complex with a girl who was a very good cook. She gave me her delicious roll recipe and I used it every week my sophomore year. I had this recipe memorized, but now since I've had a nine month break from doing anything with the hot oven, I have forgotten the recipe. I did, however find a good one, and that is the one I will post. I got it from some place online, but I figure that since I'll use my dad's instructions instead of what the recipe says, I don't have to figure out where I got it from.
Yummy Rolls
  • 1 cup milk (110 degrees F) note: since I have to do the dishes, and don't like cleaning scalded milk, I usually just use 1/2 cup hot water, and 1/2 milk
  • 1/2 cup butter, room temperature (haha, margarine)
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 2 eggs, room temperature
  • 3/4 tsp salt
  • 4 cups flour
  • 3 teaspoons yeast
  1. Put the butter, milk and sugar in a bowl. Add the yeast and let it bubble a little. note: today I had to nurse Jack right before I put the yeast in, and the mixture was too cold. I put some warm water in a cup and put the yeast in that. It tastes pretty much the same, you just use more flour.
  2. Add the eggs.
  3. Add the salt after the yeast has germinated some. (My dad told me that salt can stop or slow down the germination, so you don't want to cut it off as soon as you put the yeast in.)
  4. Put a cup of flour and and begin to stir with a spoon. Continue to add flour until it is too hard to stir. Put in another cup or so of flour and start kneading/mixing with your hands. Add flour until the dough is just slightly sticky, but it pulls away from your fingers. (You'll know when because at first, your hands will be all doughy, but as you add flour, it will start to come off your hands. It is ready when most of the dough is off your hands.)
  5. Let rise in a warm place until it has doubled in size.
  6. Grease a pan, and begin to form into roll shapes. (My dad taught me a cool way to do it, so I may post a video on how if anyone is interested.)
  7. Let rise for a while longer, then pop them in the oven at 375 degrees. My rolls take exactly 15 minutes, but who can tell with a mustard yellow oven from the 1970's.
  8. Tada! You're done! Eat and enjoy.
Sometimes I put little goodies in the rolls. Usually it's tuna fish and cheese. So yummy!


try to resist.....

10:27:00 PM

Have you ever been walking through a store and found something on sale? Suddenly you get an intense feeling that you will never find something this great for this price again and you think you have to buy it? You may have not planned for it in the budget and you probably don't need it, but you walk out of the store feeling pleased as punch that you got such a great deal. By the end of the month you wonder how you spent so much money.

This seems to happen to me all the time! I like to window shop but for some reason, I can't ever just window shop.

Today is a story about how I conquered the urge! After a dentist appointment, I found a little shopping place in Salt Lake City that had some interesting looking stores. One of them was Banana Republic (one of my favorite stores, but here, I really do window shop), another was Pottery Barn Kids, and there were some other stores I knew could work my creative juices. I determined I would visit the stores with the sole purpose of finding ideas for things I could make.

Rob called me while I was in the parking lot and I told him of my plan. He joked of my confidence in being able to do this. I responded with an anti-bribe that is probably too embarrassing to put here, but I will for the sake of any wife who feels she isn't doing what she should. I told him that if I bought something, I would have to make dinner for him every night this week (p.s. I was only referring to work days). Now all you can just feel better about yourself because at least you're not as bad as me.

Anyway, the anti-bribe worked beautifully. I went inside these stores, got some great ideas and left with only skimming the sale section.

baby stuff

Jack and the Beanstalk costume

9:16:00 PM

So, sadly, the responses to my previous post about Halloween ideas were unenthusiastically responded to except one: My sister suggested that Jack be Jack from "Jack and the Beanstalk" and Rob should be the beanstalk. Rob was super enthusiastic about being a beanstalk for some reason, and I'm actually alright with being the goose that lays the golden eggs. My Mother Nature idea was getting out of hand anyway. I'll have to do it when I have more money to go all out.

My sister drew a really cute picture of our family dressed up in this theme for Halloween and I couldn't resist. I made Jack's costume today and decided to do a tutorial because it can work for lots of other costume ideas.

This costume was SUPER CHEAP. I actually already had all the supplies but the feather, so it didn't cost me a thing. If you were to go buy the supplies, it would probably come to about $3.

Supplies for Cap:

  • 1 piece of 9x12" felt (if you want to make an adult hat, you will need about a 13x13" piece.)
  • 3 little safety pins
  • yarn or grosgrain ribbon (grosgrain ribbon isn't shiny so it fits the style of the hat more.)
  • thread

1. Fold the felt so that the edges match on one side.

2. Cut off the extra rectangle piece so the edges match and you have a perfect square.

3. Cut the square in half diagonally so you have two triangles.

4. Sew along the edges that make a right angle. Leave the diagonal cut part open.

5. Press the seams (make sure iron is on a low setting because the felt is probably acrylic or polyester) and turn right side out.

6. Fold up one corner to form the brim and press.

7. Open up the brim again and sew a straight seam at a right angle from the opening of the cap up to the crease of the brim.

8. Trim and fold the brim back up (the seam that you just made should be hidden when the brim is folded back up).

9. Pin two pieces of yarn or ribbon to the underside of the cap. If using yarn, tie a knot at the end, and push the pin through the knot so the yarn stays. I pinned mine off center so the cap point wouldn't go right down the middle of his face, blocking his view.

10. Pin a feather on with the pin on the underside and you're ready to go!

Supplies for Tunic:

  • Woven fabric (for a baby, about 1/3 of a yard; for a medium sized adult, about 1 yard)
  • Yarn or embroidery floss in a contrasting color
  • Needle (if using yarn, an easy threading needle with a split at the top of the eye works best)
  • Thread

1. Lay out a shirt (or onsie) that fits the person who will wear it. Choose a loose t-shirt for an adult.

2. Cut a rectangle out of the fabric, around the shirt, leaving about 2 inches on each side of the shirt. (I forgot how fat Jack is and should have made it wider.)
3. Using the neckline from the t-shirt as a guide, cut a half circle at the top. Although the neckline on the shirt may not be very deep, be sure that it dips down between 3-6" (baby to adult respectively).

4. Cut a slit in the middle of the neckline on one of the layers (3-6" from baby to adult respectively).

5. Sew the two layers together at the side seam and shoulder seams. Leave 4-8" (from baby to adult) open on the sides for the arms. Hem the bottom. Sew a zig-zag stitch around the neckline to reinforce the opening.

6. With the yarn (one or two of the little strings unraveled from a piece of yarn) or embroidery floss, whip stich around the neckline and armholes.

7. Thread some yarn or floss in the slit area to form a criss-cross pattern. Tie a bow at the top.

8. Use some yarn or floss (or some of the grosgrain ribbon from the hat) to tie around the waist. I made my belt thicker by crocheting a single row.

For adult girls:
  • You can make a long tunic dress with this pattern. All you would need to do is measure from your shoulder to where you want it to end. Add a few inches for good measure. Note: you will need more fabric for this. Get a little more fabric than the length measurement you took.
  • Make sure to measure your bust and bottom before cutting. The width needs to extend 2-3" more than your bust and bottom measurement divided in half. You may not be able to get the tunic on if you don't do this. Don't worry about the waist. After you sinch it in, it will show off your skinny waist (or make you look like you have one!).

baby stuff

Jack's blessing outfit

3:39:00 PM

I finally finished it!

Here's the story: One day, while I was pregnant, I was at my friend Rachel's house and we were talking about blessing outfits for boys. It's so hard to find really cute ones! So Rachel pulled out this awesome one she uses for her boys. It was the cutest blessing outfit I'd seen, so I decided to make one like it.

She kindly let me borrow it so I could get the pattern and said, "You may want to make it a little longer. It was a little tight on my boys." I finished the pattern (adding length) and got 2/3 way through by the time I had Jack. I had done some pretty embroidery work on it, and it was turning out so well.

When Jack was two weeks old, I thought I would pull it out and start to work on it again. Luckily, I tried it on him before I did. He was way too big for it. I guess I didn't add enough length or Jack is just fat. Frustrated, I put it away, and dreading of having to make another one.

I decided to make it out of linen (I had a white linen shirt that I wasn't going to wear, so I cut it up). We WERE going to bless him in September, so it would have been fine weather for linen, but then Rob got his appendix out.

Anyway, I finally finished it! I didn't bother embroidering it, and I made it extra big, just in case he jumped another 2 pounds it 2 weeks. It's just a little big for him, but I do not care. He grows so fast, it will probably fit him on Sunday. He weighes 14 1/2 lbs and is in the 95% percentile!

I took a lot of pictures of him in it. He's just so cute, I couldn't resist posting more. :)

cool finds

I found a cool website!

12:10:00 AM

I was looking around blogs and came across a very cool website: mary engelbreit's home companion. I like the craft page. I especially like the slippers and the headbands. I will be making some varieties of the slippers I'm sure. I wish I had a little girl to make the headbands for, or that I looked good in headbands. (No, I'm not ashamed to wear little girl hair-things. I have little bows from Gymboree like this, that I wear on occasion.)

I have tons of projects I need to finish before I start the slippers, but be on the look out! I will post them when I finish.


flower fairies

12:02:00 AM

I thought that since I'm obsessed with fairies, I should do a post or two or more. Well, this one features my favorite fairy artist: Mary Cicely Barker.

Mary Cicely Barker is famous for her flower fairies. I love them because they have the faces of children and babies. They look innocent and sweet. That's the way I like to think fairies would be if they were real. Mary is a great artist and I love how all her paintings include nature so much.

Here are a few of my favorite paintings:

Apple Blossom Fairies

Canterbury Bell Fairy
Strawberry Fairy

Recently some beautiful books featuring Mary Cicely Barker have come out: Fairyopolis, Return to Fairyopolis, How to Find Flower Fairies, The Complete Book of Flower Fairies. You've got to check these books out! I love them!

cool finds

pretty bouquets

11:48:00 PM

I was just looking at other blogs and I can't help but post about some gorgeous flower bouquets that were featured on Style Me Pretty. They are done by an amazing French florist-Laura Dowling of Interieurs et Fleurs. I just can't get over how cool some of them are!

Here is a super cool kind of woodsy bouquet. The base is awesome- I'm trying to figure out how it was made... Isn't that a cool combination?

This bouquet includes so many neat things! I do believe those are actual apple branches coming from the sides of the bouquet. Can you believe how those apples give a lavender hue when up against all the rest of the lavender? But the coolest part is that the base is made with little bunches of fresh green beans. Who would have thought?

This one is probably my favorite. If I would have gotten married in the spring, I would have definetely wanted this bouquet at my wedding. The base is made with leaves, but they're place in a way to make it look more like an artichoke.

You have got to check out all the bouquets! They are so beautiful! click here and here. You may also want to check out her website.

This makes me want to go buy a ton of flowers and just make tons of bouquets! Too bad they would have no party to go to. I've thought about perhaps doing flowers for a wedding, but I'm not sure. I did flowers for my sister's wedding and that turned out good. I'd definitely have to do it for cost of flowers though to get a portfolio and more practice though before I actually really to flowers for weddings.

Here is a picture of the bouquet I made for my sister's wedding. Yeah, it's not nearly as cool as the ones above...

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