flower fairies

12:02:00 AM

I thought that since I'm obsessed with fairies, I should do a post or two or more. Well, this one features my favorite fairy artist: Mary Cicely Barker.

Mary Cicely Barker is famous for her flower fairies. I love them because they have the faces of children and babies. They look innocent and sweet. That's the way I like to think fairies would be if they were real. Mary is a great artist and I love how all her paintings include nature so much.

Here are a few of my favorite paintings:

Apple Blossom Fairies

Canterbury Bell Fairy
Strawberry Fairy

Recently some beautiful books featuring Mary Cicely Barker have come out: Fairyopolis, Return to Fairyopolis, How to Find Flower Fairies, The Complete Book of Flower Fairies. You've got to check these books out! I love them!

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