Jack's blessing outfit

3:39:00 PM

I finally finished it!

Here's the story: One day, while I was pregnant, I was at my friend Rachel's house and we were talking about blessing outfits for boys. It's so hard to find really cute ones! So Rachel pulled out this awesome one she uses for her boys. It was the cutest blessing outfit I'd seen, so I decided to make one like it.

She kindly let me borrow it so I could get the pattern and said, "You may want to make it a little longer. It was a little tight on my boys." I finished the pattern (adding length) and got 2/3 way through by the time I had Jack. I had done some pretty embroidery work on it, and it was turning out so well.

When Jack was two weeks old, I thought I would pull it out and start to work on it again. Luckily, I tried it on him before I did. He was way too big for it. I guess I didn't add enough length or Jack is just fat. Frustrated, I put it away, and dreading of having to make another one.

I decided to make it out of linen (I had a white linen shirt that I wasn't going to wear, so I cut it up). We WERE going to bless him in September, so it would have been fine weather for linen, but then Rob got his appendix out.

Anyway, I finally finished it! I didn't bother embroidering it, and I made it extra big, just in case he jumped another 2 pounds it 2 weeks. It's just a little big for him, but I do not care. He grows so fast, it will probably fit him on Sunday. He weighes 14 1/2 lbs and is in the 95% percentile!

I took a lot of pictures of him in it. He's just so cute, I couldn't resist posting more. :)

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  1. that is what Nathan's blessing outfit looks like. Jack is adorable!

  2. Rachel... You are amazing! I can't believe you made that!!!

  3. rach you are SOOO talented! you did an awesome job, it's adorable!

  4. How did you get so talented, and where did you get such an adorable little boy? I need one.


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