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I was just looking at other blogs and I can't help but post about some gorgeous flower bouquets that were featured on Style Me Pretty. They are done by an amazing French florist-Laura Dowling of Interieurs et Fleurs. I just can't get over how cool some of them are!

Here is a super cool kind of woodsy bouquet. The base is awesome- I'm trying to figure out how it was made... Isn't that a cool combination?

This bouquet includes so many neat things! I do believe those are actual apple branches coming from the sides of the bouquet. Can you believe how those apples give a lavender hue when up against all the rest of the lavender? But the coolest part is that the base is made with little bunches of fresh green beans. Who would have thought?

This one is probably my favorite. If I would have gotten married in the spring, I would have definetely wanted this bouquet at my wedding. The base is made with leaves, but they're place in a way to make it look more like an artichoke.

You have got to check out all the bouquets! They are so beautiful! click here and here. You may also want to check out her website.

This makes me want to go buy a ton of flowers and just make tons of bouquets! Too bad they would have no party to go to. I've thought about perhaps doing flowers for a wedding, but I'm not sure. I did flowers for my sister's wedding and that turned out good. I'd definitely have to do it for cost of flowers though to get a portfolio and more practice though before I actually really to flowers for weddings.

Here is a picture of the bouquet I made for my sister's wedding. Yeah, it's not nearly as cool as the ones above...

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