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Have you ever been walking through a store and found something on sale? Suddenly you get an intense feeling that you will never find something this great for this price again and you think you have to buy it? You may have not planned for it in the budget and you probably don't need it, but you walk out of the store feeling pleased as punch that you got such a great deal. By the end of the month you wonder how you spent so much money.

This seems to happen to me all the time! I like to window shop but for some reason, I can't ever just window shop.

Today is a story about how I conquered the urge! After a dentist appointment, I found a little shopping place in Salt Lake City that had some interesting looking stores. One of them was Banana Republic (one of my favorite stores, but here, I really do window shop), another was Pottery Barn Kids, and there were some other stores I knew could work my creative juices. I determined I would visit the stores with the sole purpose of finding ideas for things I could make.

Rob called me while I was in the parking lot and I told him of my plan. He joked of my confidence in being able to do this. I responded with an anti-bribe that is probably too embarrassing to put here, but I will for the sake of any wife who feels she isn't doing what she should. I told him that if I bought something, I would have to make dinner for him every night this week (p.s. I was only referring to work days). Now all you can just feel better about yourself because at least you're not as bad as me.

Anyway, the anti-bribe worked beautifully. I went inside these stores, got some great ideas and left with only skimming the sale section.

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