Fairy Party

12:35:00 PM

I was checking all of my favorite design blogs the other day and what did I see but someone asking for suggestions for a fairy birthday party! Totally up my alley. I always want to go to fairy tea parties in the library, but realize that it would look funny to go without a little girl. I've always wanted to throw a party, but I'm not sure who to invite. I'm a little obsessed with fairies, and I don't know many people who feel the same way I do.

Anyway, I threw together some pictures and came up with these ideas:

This table setting basically consists of a gorgeous Amy Butler tablecloth (well, a hemmed piece of fabric), wooden bowls to hold little treats, brown and green partyware, and a beautiful centerpiece of pink gerbera daisies. Ideally, I would want acorn looking teacups, but I couldn't find them anywhere.
cute mushroom crafts

When I was little, our favorite birthday party game was "Dance Freeze." Pretty, much you just get to dance around and when the music stops, everyone freezes. If someone moves a little or keeps dancing, they're out.
The idea behind the mushrooms is fairy rings. It is said that when you find a circle of mushrooms, it is called a fairy ring. Fairies and elves supposedly dance around in circles and create these fairy rings.
Little mushrooms on the ground and little girls dancing would be very fitting for a fairy party.
I found the darling colorful wooden mushrooms here. Or, if you would like more budget friendly mushrooms, make some out of colored paper.
fairy fun, party ideas, fairy crafts

Any mommy planning a fairy party needs to refer to this book. It is full of awesome ideas for a fairy party. It tells you how to make pixie dust, fairy crowns and fairy wings. It also has some recipes of little fairy foods.

Also, every fairy friend should go home with something fairy. Be it fairy wings, pixie dust or a crown.


I love color

10:33:00 PM

I've been collecting felt for the stockings and animal puppets I plan on making. I came home with my last stack of felt earlier this week and laid it all out. Every time I look at it, I just feel glee. So many beautiful colors!

feelings of a mom


12:49:00 PM

So, I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday. Amazingly, it was the best surgery I've ever had. I can't believe I was able to do the dishes yesterday and start a pattern of a pea coat for Jack. I decided that since the loratab is causing me to loose focus, I would write down everything I would like to do before Christmas. Hopefully, this will help me accomplish my goals.

  • Make slippers (Please refer to this if you want to make them too)
  • Finish painting of Bountiful Temple
  • Paint picture of Logan Temple
  • Make little felt finger puppets similar to these
  • Make Jack's pea coat
  • Finish dress/skirt (I started to make a dress I designed last year, but realized I ran out of fabric. I still need to figure out if I can squeeze a dress in, or just make a skirt).
  • Make an 1800's Christmas Caroling dress
  • Make a plum-colored jacket to match the Caroling dress
  • Wrap my ornament box
  • Finish Jack's bedding and quilt
  • Finish blanket I started a year and a half ago
  • Make family Christmas stockings like this

  • Finish the Book of Mormon
  • Pull out my French grammar book and review so I don't forget everything when I start studying Italian next year
  • Listen to a book on CD by James Barry
  • Read all the Conference talks
  • Write in journal about all tender mercies I've been experiencing lately

  • Get 5 recipes down really well, so I can actually cook something for dinner more than twice a week
  • Make pumpkin pie
Wow, that's a pretty long list. How many days left 'til Christmas? 40ish? Hopefully I'll get most of it done. I'll keep you posted. I love the Holiday Season!


Vintage Movie Star Fashionistas

10:25:00 PM

If you're like me, you will watch movies over and over again just to study the styles and fashion shown in the movie (especially vintage ones!). Luckily, I have a lot of sisters who will do this with me because it's not Rob's most favorite activity.

My top vintage fashionista movie stars:

1. Grace Kelly: Grace Kelly has such a classic and beautiful style. I don't believe I have seen a movie in which I didn't like her outfit.

Some favorite Grace Kelly movies for fashion:
  • Rear Window
  • Dial M. for Murder
  • High Society
  • To Catch a Thief

2. Ginger Rogers: The 1930's is pretty much my favorite era. Ginger Rogers has such beautiful flowing dresses to dance in. I can't say I've loved every one of her outfits, but she is definitely always wearing serious haute couture.

Good Ginger Rogers fashion movies:
  • Top Hat
  • Swing Time
  • The Gay Divorcee
  • Shall we dance

3. Audrey Hepburn: I'm not a fan of all her movies, but definitely her clothes. Her style is so timeless.

Favorite fashion movies with Audrey:
  • Roman Holiday
  • Sabrina
  • My Fair Lady

4. Norma Shearer: Some of the early 1930's movies are a little out of control, but I love how Norma Shearer dresses.

Favorite fashion movies with Norma:
  • The Women (If you are into vintage fashion, you have to watch this movie before you die. It even has a color fashion show!)
  • Marie Antionette (Wonderful movie. Just heart wrenching!)
Some other great fashionista movie stars are: Claudette Cobert, Betty Davis, Irene Dunn, Lana Turner, Kathryn Hepburn, Barbara Stanwyck


winter sky

1:29:00 PM

Yesterday, Rob and I were outside at night and the sky was this color! I usually only see this color when it's about to snow. It didn't snow last night, but it did rain. As much as I don't like winter, I love the winter sky.


a new dress

11:13:00 PM

Designers from Anthropologie always amaze me. They come up with the coolest ideas! I'm always looking closely to see how it's made. For example, the Fanned Flames Blouse. I'm still trying to figure out how that could be made in mass production.

So, at the moment, I am dress-less. My post-baby body doesn't work in any of the dresses I own, so I'm trying to decide what type of dress to make. I really like these dresses:

Travessia Dress
This dress is so gorgeous. I love the pleats and the contrasting waistband. I wish that fabric stores here would sell fabric like this, but they just don't. I guess I could paint it. I would have to change the collar slightly so that I could add buttons down the front for nursing.

This dress is also so darling. I love the little Peter Pan collar. Also, if you look close, it has two ribbon-like sashes on the right shoulder. I would also have to add some buttons so I could nurse in it, but it is super cute!

Which one should I start with?

dress up

Jack and the Beanstalk complete ensemble

12:06:00 AM

fairy tale costumes, golden goose, beanstalk, jack

Halloween was so fun this year! I loved doing a family theme. My 15 year old sister drew out a picture of our family at Jack's blessing and it finally convinced me to give up Jack Frost, and do Jack and the Beanstalk. Our costumes pretty much represent her picture (I wish I could have gotten a good picture of it to post). Rob is the beanstalk, I'm the goose that laid the golden egg, and Jack is Jack. She is so creative and cute! Anyway, with a few modifications, we came up with our costumes!

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