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One year after Christmas, my parents gathered boxes for each of my siblings to put his or her special ornaments in. Mine was a big wreath box wrapped in plaid paper and one of my sisters' was an appliance box wrapped in green paper with Santas on it. Most of the Christmases I remember included these boxes. They were special because we each got to choose the paper, and they held all of our special ornaments.
One of my goals before Christmas was to re-wrap my ornament box. The paper was tearing off and needed to be replaced. As easy of a goal as it was, I finally did it! Last year, I got some beautiful paper at a boutique. It was so beautiful, I didn’t wrap any presents in it because I didn’t want it to get ripped into pieces. I decided to use it to wrap my ornament box. I’m so happy because I’ll be able to look at it every year and it won’t get ripped into shreds until I replace it.
I realized as I began, that my box has be red plaid for 11 years! Apparently, this fun day took place on January 2, 1997. Here is what it looked like.
Now my ornament box looks like this:
I also made some ornament boxes for Rob and Jack. They’re just little shoe box size, but as their collection grows, so will their boxes.
Here is Rob's:
Jack’s box is very a shiny gold swirl. I originally didn’t know what to wrap it with, but while I was wrapping other presents, he kept grabbing at the gold. I cut off a piece, and it has become his new favorite toy.
We also got ornaments for us this year! I’m so excited. They’re all wrapped, so I can’t show you, but just so you know, they are awesome.

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