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After Christmas break, Rob has been having tons to do at work. He has been pretty stressed about it. He thought he would be more stressed about school, but he loves school; it's work that is demanding. Hopefully as all the holiday stuff finishes up, Rob can feel less stressed.

On one particularly hard day, he came home with these flowers for me (finished off the rest of his Christmas money with them). He is so sweet and knows that I love gerbera daisies.

Oh spring. I hope it comes soon. I'm already sick of winter and we're still less than halfway through January. The daisies were so cheerful to look at, but now they are dead. I need to find a place that sells tulip or daffodil bulbs in the winter so I can plant them inside. Does anyone know where I could get those? If I can't find any, I'll settle for a little pot of herbs. I've always wanted to use fresh herbs for dinner.

Anyway, I think I know what I will do for Rob on Valentine's day. I found the idea on the Martha Stewart website. I think he'll like it. At least there is a lovely holiday to break up the yucky snow.

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  1. That is a very cute idea. I am thinking of things to do as well. Today, I was in the craft store and they had gerber daisies all over the place. However, I can't complain... I am not living in the snow this year. I hope Spring comes soon too (for you)!

  2. I don't know about daffodils, but this lady makes me want to have hyacinths...

    They could be cheery enough... especially in some bright colors. And they smell amazing.

  3. I saw a pot of tulips at Sam's Club yesterday.

  4. oh my goodness those little flowers look so fun! and then i marked another reason to still like martha


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