hot colors for spring 2009

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I know that spring won't be here for another few months, but I thought I'd post about the predicted colors for spring 2009. I get very color deprived in the winter. Don't get me wrong, snow can be beautiful, but come January when it's all gray and white, I need color.

Anyway, I included pictures of flowers mostly for me. I love flowers! I used some pictures from few years ago. For my birthday, Rob and I went to Temple Square in Salt Lake City. (I love going there every spring.)

The hot colors for spring 2009 are lavender, celery, blush and beige. Lavender is the "signature" color. Looks like I'll have to take back the lavender shirt I lent to my sister. ;) It is a very muted palette, but there are other colors that brighten it up:

Here is a link to the complete color pallete from Pantone. Also, here is another link to a more expansive color palette from Color Association of the U.S. I visited CAUS last May in New York and they talked about how they forecast colors for Women, Men, Children and Interiors. They gather selected people to come prepared to discuss and decide the colors for each season.

It's a different concept I know, but if you think about it, their predictions (which are usually right on) are vital information for designers and manufactures who need to have products developed at the very least six months before it actually hits the market. They want to sell their stuff, so of course, they turn to one of these sources to pick colors that people will like.

P.S. Here is another picture of the beautiful flowers.

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  1. A commitee of people pick the 'in' colors for year? Who would have thought? I had no clue. Good thing I own nothing in these colors. Anyway, I didn't post on your last one. I like both hair cuts. The pulling hair does eventually stop, just so you know. I love your hair when you have it in hot rollers, but short is always fun for summer.

  2. It's so funny. We just placed our order for spring stuff, and we're doing the daquiri green, banana cream, and shell pink that we had lab dipped last year. Totally the same colors you have here. And By the way, the fruit in the post above looks so yummy! Come see us sometime! I bet Jack has grown exponentially since last I saw him...


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