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12:43:00 PM

I am taking a tailoring class right now. It's so nice. Not only do I have a specific time set aside for my interests, I love school and I'm finally learning things I've been wanting to learn for years. We are making a tailored jacket. This is the fabric I'm using.

I got this plaid a few years ago specifically for this class. A lady from Europe comes to BYU once or twice a year and sells sample pieces of designer fabric for super cheap (cheaper than any wool or silk I could get here). I saw this fabric and snatched it up. It's from Ralph Lauren and it's a wool and silk blend. I got the lining in New York from Mood Fabrics.

I love vintage, so of course, I had to find a vintage pattern to use. I think this is from the late '50s. I found it on Ebay after searching through several different styles. I plan on making the skirt too so I can have a whole suit.

This is a class, so I have to keep up. For once, I actually will finish a project. :)

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  1. Rachel, you are so classy. When it's finished take a picture so we can see the finished product. I mean a picture with you wearing it.

  2. I am jealous you bought fabric from Mood fabrics! I definitely have watched too much Project Runway!I dream of being a better sewer myself.I can't wait to see how your outfit will turn out.

  3. Quick question? My current sewing machine is dying, and I am saving/looking/searching for a new one. Any advice?

  4. Haha, I didn't realize Mood fabrics was so famous. You wouldn't know by the prices. $5 a yard for China silk!

  5. You are so talented. I feel good if I sew on a button!

  6. I really love the pattern. Make sure to post the finished project when you're done!


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