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very easy CD envelopes

11:06:00 PM

Rob has been working on getting some wedding gigs this summer and needed some CD envelopes to help him look more professional. Since we were short on time and didn't want to spend money on boring white envelopes, we opted for home-made. (May I just say, that when you think about it, you really can easily make so many things you think you have to buy.)

I wanted them to be minimal girly, but still have some sort of design element. I had some extra cardstock lying around and came up with this:

All you need is 11 x 5 1/2 inch cardstock, a sewing machine (or needle and thread) and a card/label.

Fold the paper "hamburger way" and fold one corner down leaving about 2 inches around the edges. Sew one short end, pivot and sew one long end. Place the card/label 1/4 inch from the long end so you catch it as you're sewing. The card should hold the folded part down. Tie knots with the string and your done!

Now you can use all the paper you bought when you were feeling ambitious. :)


Happy Spring!

4:13:00 PM

Today has finally come! The first day of spring. Rob, Jack and I celebrated with a picnic. So fun and very warm.

The other day, we went to the duck pond. Here are some pictures:


Oh, the barnyard is busy in a regular tizzy

12:10:00 PM

and the obvious reason is because of the season
Ma Nature's lyrical, with her yearly miracle
Spring, Spring, Spring

-Johnny Mercer and Gene de Paul

Today is such a beautiful day. I guess I could post something fun about St. Patrick's Day, but I'm feeling more springy than ever! At ten o'clock this morning, it already felt like 60 degrees. I planted some more seeds in the window and watered the other slowly growing plants. The irises along our driveway are beginining to poke thier leaves up out of the ground. I saw Brother Tichert preparing his garden this morning. I love spring!

Spring is so beautiful. I love how reminders of new little life pop up. Flowers, chicks, baby animals. The robins return and sing thier sweet songs. The days are longer and warmer. It's hard for me to stay inside.

I've been thinking about how Easter is in the perfect season. Christ's resurrection is symbolized through every little blossom. The beauty and hope of the atonement is represented by the beauty of the plants and animals. Christ makes it possible for us to live again just as each wilted flower begins to regrow.


fresh home-made hamburgers

8:44:00 PM

I must post about these delicious hamburgers Rob makes. I know that the last post about food featured Rob as the cook, but what can I say? I have only a few things I can cook well.

Anyone who knew me 4 years ago would be shocked that I would even combine delicious with hamburger. I used to only eat hamburgers about once a year and I always had to ask whether or not ketchup went on it.

Well, I finally bought some hamburger (probably first time in our marriage) a few months ago and Rob decided to make some burgers for dinner. We used some homemade rolls and put cheese and vegetables on it. I was so delicious, we've had hamburgers about once a week since. It's lovely to bite into a flavorful burger with crunchy vegetables. My favorite blend is with onions, red peppers, cheese and spinach.

baby stuff

baby burp cloth

11:54:00 PM

In my quest for easy projects, I decided to finish some burp cloths I started when I was pregnant. I bought some beautiful Beatrix Potter toile when I didn't know the gender of my baby. I've had it packed away for a while, but I pulled it out to finish it for a friend who had a little girl a few days ago.

Soooo easy. All you do is cut out two pieces for each side of the burp cloth. Pin the 1/2"-5/8" ric-rac between each piece and stitch around leaving 2 inches open. Stich 1/4" away from edge. Turn inside out and pull ric-rac around the edges. Pin around edges again, folding in the hole. Edge stitch around the burp cloth and you're done!

Supplies for two burp cloths:
1/3 yard soft flannel
1/3 yard coordinating soft flannel
1 package of 1/2"-5/8" ric-rac

baby stuff

diaper wipe holder

3:11:00 PM

I just need to brag about my sister, Tessa. She is one year younger than me and we both have little baby boys. Nobody really guesses that we're sisters unless we tell them. We are SO different, but over the past few years we have grown really close.
Tess has always been the "smart" one in the family. I'm more on the creative side. She never really gives herself much credit when she does crafts, but really she is very creative. She made the CUTEST diaper wipe holder I have ever seen! I just had to show everybody:

For real?!? So cute! If I didn't lose these all the time, I would want one just like it. Then again, maybe if I had a cute one, I wouldn't loose it.


progressing living room

3:14:00 PM

I've been working on a color scheme for my living room. When we first moved in, the colors were red, green, and brown with a touch of pink. I tried to ignore the grey-blue carpet, but as time wore on, I finally decided that I needed to include the blue in the color scheme or the room would never look cohesive. I don't know why I finally came to this decision after living here for so long, but now that I look back, it seems so obvious.

My previously picked out color schemes in the other rooms seemed to blend with the ugly/non-changeable things: Yellow and blue blend with the yellowish oven. Red, brown and turquoise blend with the reddish-brown carpet.

I finally decided to include blue in the living room. I've never really LOVED blue, so I had to figure out what I could live with. I finally came up with gold, brown, chartreuse, olive green, grey-blue and dusty turquoise to blend it all together. I based this color scheme off of a picture I painted last spring:

I've been working over the past few months to achieve the look I want and while it will probably never be completely finished, I am satisfied to rest for a while. Here are some of my favorite elements:

I may be wierd, but I really like unique pillows. I don't really have many "pairs" of pillows, I just like a lot of them to make their own statement.

I realized that I have tons of old books (and nice-looking new ones) that fit my color scheme. I figured I could show off my collection and make room for new books that Rob and I will inevitably get. (I collect childrens' books and Rob is an English major... what can I say?)

After a month of sitting unfinished under a blanket, I finally finished the chair I was reupholstering. I found the perfect fabric for $5 a yard and sewd it up (it wasn't easy and isn't perfect, but I'm satisfied).

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