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3:11:00 PM

I just need to brag about my sister, Tessa. She is one year younger than me and we both have little baby boys. Nobody really guesses that we're sisters unless we tell them. We are SO different, but over the past few years we have grown really close.
Tess has always been the "smart" one in the family. I'm more on the creative side. She never really gives herself much credit when she does crafts, but really she is very creative. She made the CUTEST diaper wipe holder I have ever seen! I just had to show everybody:

For real?!? So cute! If I didn't lose these all the time, I would want one just like it. Then again, maybe if I had a cute one, I wouldn't loose it.

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  1. That pic of you two is just adorable! I have to agree with you....she did an amazing job! Tell her hello for me!

  2. That is so cute! I have been totally wanting to do this. We should have a craft night and make one. I don't know if I could do the needlework though. :)

  3. This is very adorable! I agree I lose these things all the time. So much cuter than the ones I see for retail.


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