fresh home-made hamburgers

8:44:00 PM

I must post about these delicious hamburgers Rob makes. I know that the last post about food featured Rob as the cook, but what can I say? I have only a few things I can cook well.

Anyone who knew me 4 years ago would be shocked that I would even combine delicious with hamburger. I used to only eat hamburgers about once a year and I always had to ask whether or not ketchup went on it.

Well, I finally bought some hamburger (probably first time in our marriage) a few months ago and Rob decided to make some burgers for dinner. We used some homemade rolls and put cheese and vegetables on it. I was so delicious, we've had hamburgers about once a week since. It's lovely to bite into a flavorful burger with crunchy vegetables. My favorite blend is with onions, red peppers, cheese and spinach.

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  1. That looks delicious. Hamburgers are so much better on homemade rolls then store bought buns.

  2. Hamburgers are my secret pleasure. Ask my husband, I always want a hamburger; so strange that I didn't eat meat for 7 years.


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