Oh, the barnyard is busy in a regular tizzy

12:10:00 PM

and the obvious reason is because of the season
Ma Nature's lyrical, with her yearly miracle
Spring, Spring, Spring

-Johnny Mercer and Gene de Paul

Today is such a beautiful day. I guess I could post something fun about St. Patrick's Day, but I'm feeling more springy than ever! At ten o'clock this morning, it already felt like 60 degrees. I planted some more seeds in the window and watered the other slowly growing plants. The irises along our driveway are beginining to poke thier leaves up out of the ground. I saw Brother Tichert preparing his garden this morning. I love spring!

Spring is so beautiful. I love how reminders of new little life pop up. Flowers, chicks, baby animals. The robins return and sing thier sweet songs. The days are longer and warmer. It's hard for me to stay inside.

I've been thinking about how Easter is in the perfect season. Christ's resurrection is symbolized through every little blossom. The beauty and hope of the atonement is represented by the beauty of the plants and animals. Christ makes it possible for us to live again just as each wilted flower begins to regrow.

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  1. I love reading your blog. thank you for the reminders.

  2. What a lovely post with a nice message. Spring really is the best time of year, thanks for the reminder.


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