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I've been working on a color scheme for my living room. When we first moved in, the colors were red, green, and brown with a touch of pink. I tried to ignore the grey-blue carpet, but as time wore on, I finally decided that I needed to include the blue in the color scheme or the room would never look cohesive. I don't know why I finally came to this decision after living here for so long, but now that I look back, it seems so obvious.

My previously picked out color schemes in the other rooms seemed to blend with the ugly/non-changeable things: Yellow and blue blend with the yellowish oven. Red, brown and turquoise blend with the reddish-brown carpet.

I finally decided to include blue in the living room. I've never really LOVED blue, so I had to figure out what I could live with. I finally came up with gold, brown, chartreuse, olive green, grey-blue and dusty turquoise to blend it all together. I based this color scheme off of a picture I painted last spring:

I've been working over the past few months to achieve the look I want and while it will probably never be completely finished, I am satisfied to rest for a while. Here are some of my favorite elements:

I may be wierd, but I really like unique pillows. I don't really have many "pairs" of pillows, I just like a lot of them to make their own statement.

I realized that I have tons of old books (and nice-looking new ones) that fit my color scheme. I figured I could show off my collection and make room for new books that Rob and I will inevitably get. (I collect childrens' books and Rob is an English major... what can I say?)

After a month of sitting unfinished under a blanket, I finally finished the chair I was reupholstering. I found the perfect fabric for $5 a yard and sewd it up (it wasn't easy and isn't perfect, but I'm satisfied).

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  1. Hey Rachel! its about time i commented on your blog! i still can't get over how freaking amazing you are at everything! a great mom, a great seamstress, and a great sister in law and friend! :) i love you!!!!!

  2. I love the reupholstered chair. That is one of my goals as well, but I am waiting for my new sewing machine. A lot of my projects are put on hold, because I am waiting for this sewing machine. Well, I love what you have done.

  3. i love it! you're so creative, way to make your carpet work! i want to see it all finished!

  4. The chair looks awesome! You really have a great talent Rachel. I am not going to lie... just a little jealous. :)


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