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I know this is late, but we didn't take Easter pictures until today (as sad as they are). Jack FINALLY had tooth break through last week, and it was for real, the beginning of many pain filled cries since.

I found some cotton/linen plaid at a local fabric store for three dollars a yard and made Jack some poorly planned pants. I decided they were wearable, so he wore them for Easter along with his daddy's 24 year old saddle shoes.

As much as I love little girl clothes and accessories, making clothes for a boy isn't so bad. I have no desire to go crazy with outfits; I can pace myself by only making things I really want. Most things aren't worth the trouble, so if I don't drown myself by making my own clothes, I have time to do other things.

Anyway, all that has little to do with Easter. I have been thinking a lot about Easter and my Savior, and am having a hard time putting my thoughts into words. Words are not sufficient to explain what I feel. Easter is so special to me. As I mentioned in a previous post, I find so much symbolism in this spring season. This Easter we did little in the traditional celebration of Easter which helped me to focus more on my Savior. Because of my Savior, I can live with God and my family forever, can feel pure joy, depend on Him through my trials and I have an example of the type of person I need to become. I love Him and am so grateful for his sacrifice.

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  1. Such cute pics! You guys look so good!

  2. cute pictures! i love your bright blue dress too! and jack's hair looks like it's getting so much more blonde! and your hair cut is cute too! lol just all around cute little family of yours!

  3. You are sooooo my hero! I am trying to learn how to sew clothes from a pattern.....it's not going so well....


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