happy birthday to me

11:04:00 PM

I recently had a birthday. It was a great time. My family has a tradition that pretty much says you get to celebrate your birthday for the whole week of your birthday. Oh yeah... and no cleaning, cooking or working on the actual day.

After much birthday persuasion, I convinced Rob to take us to Temple Square. It was really rainy and he hates the parking and crowds. He thought we wouldn't have to go, but since I love rain, and can never miss the flowers, we went. He was very sweet to respect my birthday wish from him.

My favorite of all were the very pale pink blossoms on the trees. They were so beautiful.

We got some really good pictures, so here are a few.

On our way back to the car, it started pouring rain. Now I love rain, so being soaking wet is okay. Rob on the other hand, not so much. Plus he stepped into a gutter of running water. Jack didn't know what was going on in all reality. He probably thought he was in a weird moving shower.

Some other birthday activities included shopping at the Centerville DI (If you're close, check it out. It's the best DI in Utah... I would know.), eating chocolate, buying swimsuit making supplies, and getting breakfast in bed. Robert is very sweet and patient with my birthday traditions. He didn't know that he was actually quoting my family when he told me I was queen for the day. :)

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  1. I'm so glad you had such a fun birthday! I think everyone deserves to be Queen (or King) for their one day a year.
    I love the pictures too!


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