Spring Cleaning

4:49:00 PM

I have been extremely busy the past few weeks finishing up my tailoring class and sewing seven bridesmaids dresses (no they're not done yet). I'm finally to a point where I can clean the house and such. On Monday, I sewed for twelve hours and Tuesday I didn't sew a single stitch. It felt wonderful.

Today, I'm going through all of our stuff and figuring out what to get rid of. I'm so excited. I think I'm a little weird, but I LOVE de-cluttering. I find it hard to hold on to things for longer than 6 months if I haven't used it. I'm trying to keep a perspective about maternity and post pregnancy clothes so I don't end up in the same fix I've been in for a few months. By the time I was seven months along with Jack, I gave away most of my pre pregnancy clothes. I NEVER thought I could EVER be smaller becuase I was so huge.

Rob definitely doesn't feel the passion I do about getting rid of stuff, but after a few years of marriage, I'm surprised at how quickly he lets me get rid of things. His weird polyester shirt collection is down to two or three now. I'm still working on his T-shirt collection.

I have birthday pictures to post later. Our Easter picture was postponed because Jack was not the happiest all through church and as soon as we got home, I took his clothes off so he could take a nap.

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  1. I love feeling de-cluttered. My spring cleaning is every time we move. I always get rid of so much and it feels great! Same with me on the pre-pregnancy clothes. I even seriously debated giving Ashley my cutest brown swimsuit in the whole world because I thought it would never fit again. I'm glad I didn't go that far.

  2. Seven bridesmaid dresses? Wow-zers. You'll have to post your work. I would love to see it. I'm postponing my Spring cleaning into Summer cleaning. I just don't know how some moms do it.


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