elephant onsie

10:55:00 PM

A while back, I bought Jack an entire packet of onesies because I absolutely loved one of them. Most of the others were really cute too, but one was a little dull- plain tan and white stripes. I decided I should put a put a fabric elephant on it, and here's how it turned out:

All I did was cut out an elephant in a not too girly quilt fabric scrap and backed it with some brown fabric. I pinned it on, then blanket stitched it around the inside piece of fabric. I think the fabric would hold better as you stitch it you use some of that craft iron on sticky stuff, but I didn't have any on hand.

TIP: Make sure you pre-shrink cotton quilting fabric before you stitch it on or just remember to wash the onsie with cold water.

I'm sure you could make a better elephant template than me, but here is one just in case:

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  1. very cute! i should try that too...

  2. So cute! Now if only I knew how to blanket stitch!


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