The Elephants on Parade

11:27:00 PM

I've been inspired to do a few posts on elephants. I know, it may be a little strange, but I think that elephants are very design worthy creatures. My little brother Jed's very favorite animal is the elephant. He knows probably every fact there is to know about them. I remember, for about 4 years of my life, I drew elephants for him every Sunday so he could sit still. (I usually ended up drawing every other animal and it turned into Noah's ark.)

Anyway, I just thought I would make a week of elephants and post about all the little places I seem to find them.

A few days ago, I went to a craft show in town and saw this wonderfully whimsical painting by Tanya Newbery. Sadly, these are sold out at her Etsy shop, but I have a feeling more will be coming because I saw a few at the show.

Stay tuned for future elephant finds

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