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So, lately I have been slacking in my sewing projects. I got very burnt-out from April, and I am trying to get over it.

Do you ever feel you have so-o-o much to do that it completely overwhelms you and you don't even make a dent in your list? You feel so busy, but really you're just thinking about all the stuff you should be doing. Yeah, that's how I feel with sewing. I finally made a list today and assigned an hour amount to each project. The total came to 32 hours for things I want to finish in the next month. I figure if I set aside about an hour or two a day, I can maybe finish it all.

So, as I have been avoiding the sewing machine, I have filled my life with many other wonderful activities. After nine months, I finally came to realize that I really needed to set a schedule. If you would have told me that I needed one five months ago, I would have agreed with you, (I even tried one.) but that was in the winter, and I couldn't start my day with a lovely morning walk and I was waking up four times a night. While my body is still getting used to the idea of sleeping through the night, the schedule makes me feel so much better.

It started with a few tries of sleep training. We've really been trying to get Jack to sleep through the night for about a month now, but this week, we got earplugs and it finally worked for real. Since I had the potential to sleep through the night (although my body is still getting used to the idea), I felt I could kick the tired yuckiness by going to bed on time, and waking up at a reasonable time of day. We eat breakfast together, water the garden, go on a walk, clean the house, and shower/bathe. The rest of the day is more flexible exept for naps and meals. Sometimes Jack sleeps in and I can get more done.

I have so much more energy now. I eat more healthily, exercise, make dinner, do the dishes (after a week of forcing myself to do them, I finally don't feel like I have to shower when I'm done), and enjoy nature through walks and gardening. Jack eats better and it seems like he is happier because I am.

Anyway, this post doesn't really have a point but to share my new and improved week. By no means was it perfect, but it was much nicer.

Here is a picture of some stunning red poppies we saw on a walk:

I have determined to paint a picture of these poppies as well as make a skirt to imitate them. (It would probably have to be a fairy skirt.)

We also passed by a beautiful rose bush filled with my favorite color(s) of rose:

The way the colors blend together so perfectly amazes me. These kinds of roses are so cheerful.

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  1. We all have those spurts of not getting anything done, but feeling so overwhelmed that we again, don't get anything done. And I agree a schedule makes a big difference, as we discussed the other day. You are doing great and you are a great mother/wife.

  2. Rachel, it's so funny how accomplishing little things can be so fulfilling. I used to make a list of every little thing that I'd done that day because babies force you to be so flexible that you rarely acomplish anything big. I am seriously impressed with your new try at a schedule.I love the flowers. I hope you do paint or sew something that reminds you of them.

  3. I'm not sure if my comment went through. Congrats on your schedule.


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