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9:31:00 PM

When I was 11 and 12, my daily exercise consisted of doing the two step in the kitchen to the song "Cindy" in a lovely lavender pioneer style Gunne Sax dress. Although this dress could never fit me now, whenever I pull it out of my mom's closet, it brings back fond memories. Isn't it a beautiful dress? I love the little pearl buttons and Victorian accents. My question is, where can you find light weight cotton fabric like this now-a-days? If you know, do not hesitate to tell me. I've been looking for a long time.

You can find the version of "Cindy" I danced to here.

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  1. Love the dress- I was wondering if you ever looked at the Crate and Barrel website- their kids selection is very cute- and the wall decor (some of it) seems to match some of the decor you are interested in. Just a heads up. Perhaps you have already stumbled on to it.

  2. Hey so I still love your blog!

    I now visit teach this lady that is an artist. She does mostly fairies. She showed me some of her stuff and I totally thought of you!! I told her all about you and she told me that I could give you a bookmark of your choice of whatever print you wanted!! is her website
    Let me know what print you would like and I will get it to you!!

  3. I recocnize that dress. I wonder when that Gunnie Sax fabric will come back. It seems like it's about time.


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