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What says summer more than a bowl of cherries? To be honest, I don't really like the taste of cherries (okay, to really be honest I haven't had a cherry in about 8 years... maybe I should give it another try). But, I can't deny that they are beautiful to look at.

My mom just told me she has a tree bursting with them. Everyone has been eating cherries so much at my house, they're all sick of them and there are still tons on the tree. I wish I could drive up and get some.

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  1. i love cherries like that, when they're really sweet. i'm not a fan of the tart...

    this is the website i used for that dollar t-shirt:
    it really wasn't too hard!

  2. Red and turquoise are such a good color combination! We've got a cherry tree too, but they're not quite ready to pick.

  3. I have just been to your house and ended up with 2 big bags of cherries that I thouroughly enjoyed and shared them. They are pretty, you've got to admit it.


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