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While exploring the wonders of the children's non-fiction section of the library yesterday I came upon this book via Jack pulling from the shelf onto the floor. Coincidence? You decide. Instead of putting back on the shelf like the others, I took it home with me.

I have to say, after reading through this, this is a great beginners sewing book. Although the book is directed to children, it would be perfect for an adult with little to no sewing experience.

The author gives good detailed tips, information and instructions. She shows you basics like how to tie a knot the way grandma does. She also lists different types of fabrics, threads, needles, etc. and gives basic information on what to use for different projects. She has lots of fun projects like making a pin cushion, an apron, a baby's bib and more.

Everything thing in the book is shown in a way that you would not need a sewing machine to make anything in the book! (emphasis added because I believe not having a sewing machine that is one thing that holds a lot of people back from sewing.) So, if you need some basics, or even want to give sewing a try. I would recommend you go to the library and pick this book up.

P.S. The author has also written Look and Cook as well as Sow and Grow! Those will be for another trip.

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  1. Haha! This is PERFECT for me! Thanks for the tip. I inherited a sewing machine, and with it, some desire to actually learn and sew. I'll be checking this book out!


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