baby boy blanket

10:34:00 PM

I recently went to a baby shower for one of my friends and finally used some minky fabric I've had saved up. I made a little blue and yellow blanket.
It's probably one of the easier things I've made:
  1. Just cut a square of minky fabric and strips of quilt fabric. Sew the strips together into a long line, then sew the strips to the minky (start with two sides of the square, then do the other two sides).
  2. Cut a piece of quilt fabric that is the same size as the finished minky front. Sew right sides together leaving a small opening. Turn inside out and press the edges. Sew the opening closed.
  3. Pin around the edges of quilt fabric to minky fabric seam. Thread a needle with 3 strands of embroidery floss and stitch around the edges (don't pull too tight). Ta Da!
Don't you love the 1930's reproduction animal print the blanket is backed with? I can't find a link to it, but I think it's Aunt Gracie.

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  1. cute blanket! and yes i do love the 30's pattern... i've discovered a love for things from that era thanks to you!

    and your garden looks great! first things when jeff and i buy a house: getting a dog and starting a garden. :)

  2. I decided I may get out my sewing machine...maybe. And I decided I may try to reupholster my chairs. Do you know how? And I have a bunch of 30s fabric that I need to make a quilt with. And I need to start some Christmas stockings. And I need some motivation. I do love the blanket!


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