Big Springs

6:04:00 PM

We went up to Island Park for a family reunion last week and had so much fun. It is so beautiful up there, I just had to show you some pictures from Big Springs. Big Springs is a place where fresh water bubble up out of the ground and creates a beautiful clear river. As you look over the bridge, you can see huge trout in the water. Seagulls and ducks also live there. It is surrounded by majestic pine trees and pretty wildflowers. Please forgive my amateur photography. Hopefully you can see how pretty the actual place is.

See how clear the water is?

I didn't even realize I caught a bumblebee.
The coolest red translucent berries.

I love the blue bells.

We went to big springs again right before we left and were glad we did because we spotted this on our little hike:

Hello Mr. Moose.

To see more pictures of this beautiful place click here.

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  1. i've never seen a moose in person with antlers! how cool! i like the blue bells and clear red berries too :) and your photography isn't that amateur! i think you did a good job. :)

  2. Your pictures turned out fabulous! We had such a fun weekend with you guys!


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