Growing Garden

6:17:00 PM

the only flowers that have bloomed in the little garden

We planted a garden in May, and slowly it has been coming along. I've learned a few things a long the way:

  • No matter how far apart squash may look when planting the garden, it WILL overpower it.

  • Water lettuce often. All our lettuce is bitter. I think it may be too late to fix it.
  • Mark what you plant. I started some little seeds inside in April and planted them outside later. I wasn't sure what they were and didn't find out it was spinach until it died.
  • Basil is a delicious and pretty easy plant to have on hand. I wish I had more herbs.

I'm sure I have more to learn as this is my first time really planting a garden. It's very satisfying to eat from (other than the bitter lettuce). I'm very excited to start canning tomatoes.

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  1. I'm so jealous of your garden! I love fresh garden tomatoes!

  2. You're already doing better than any of my past attempts at a garden, at least you've got something to eat! It looks great!

  3. We tried a garden last year and it was a complete failure. So sad! But I'm glad it's working for you, it's so neat to see your own veggies grow and eat them! BTW, Ben LOOOOOOVED your zuccini bread! He raved about it and he's very picky. Must be a keeper! I have some yummy chocolate zuccini bread recipes if you ever want to try that!


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