Pencil Case

3:04:00 PM

With all the back to school spirit going around, I thought I'd post about some pencil cases I made for my brothers (1st and 5th grade). I wanted the cases to be as boyish as possible, so after searching, I found a version of a pencil case that I loved, so I decided to use it as inspiration for my brothers' birthday presents.

Anyway, my brother Jed loves animals. I was recently informed that his favorite animal was changed from an elephant to a snow leopard. So, I found a template for a snow leopard online and embroidered it on some leftover vinyl. Sewed around the edges and added a button.

Matt likes being strong, :) so I thought I'd embroider a lion along with his name.

These were very easy and fun projects to do. They don't cost a ton of money, they don't make a huge mess and you can make them while watching your favorite movie.

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