baby jeans

12:26:00 PM

I made some jeans for Jack using a pair of Rob's old jeans a few weeks ago. I used the knee pants tutorial found here. I loved the little knee pads and added a back pocket, yoke and two toned stitching. I even stitched a little J on the back pocket. I was so excited to try them on him, but sadly, the knee pads ended up being closer to foot pads. Jack has really stubby legs. I attempted to make this a "wear but grow with" pair of pants but I guess that won't work. :)

Funny, the week I finished the jeans, I went to a clothing exchange and brought home a pair of darling OshKosh overalls... for FREE! along with plenty of shirts and pants for the future seasons. It made me wonder if I should quit making him clothes. If it's going to be so easy to come home with a complete fall wardrobe should I bother?

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  1. What a cool idea to do it out of denim. They turned out cute!
    - dana

  2. Very Cute Rachel. I have never been crazy about jeans on babies until they are potty trained, just because they don't fit and are stiff. If you make them yourself, I guess you can solve both problems. What is the clothing exchange?

  3. Thanks Rach! I am thinking I might print some of them for the walls at home. That place is so fun! I could get lost for hours there.


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