a calico dress. baby style.

12:39:00 PM

I am finally able to post about something for a little girl! I have found that little girl items tend to be much for fun to make. I attribute that to my loyalty to my gender, I guess.

This is just a little dress and some shoes I made for a friend. I got to hold her baby girl last week. Made me want another one to snuggle like that all the time.

I just used a little girl's dress my mom made for a pattern and sewed it up. (Would anyone be interested in the pattern? I'd be willing to draw it up and post it if there's enough interest.) It's only four pieces with a little bias binding. Pretty easy. The little red polka dot shoes are made of flannel, lined with the coordinating fabric on the dress. I used the Stardust Shoes pattern and like it pretty well. I'd like to try this pattern for some baby boys I know are on the way.

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  1. I guess I better come clean about stalking your blog. I'm the one who used to live in your apartment. Jen Belnap introduced me to your site and I love it! You're so talented and creative! Thanks for letting me take a peek! I'd love the pattern for this dress. The shoes are darling too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The dress is sooo cute! I love it and would love the pattern. You are so creative Rachel!

  3. Darling! Are those your favorite colors?

  4. Love the dress and those SHOES! So darling. Girl things are so fun, and you are so talented. I can't wait to have you help me with my dress. Have to fit back in it first...

  5. Rach, that is beautiful! You amaze me. Period.

  6. For a moment I thought you were making an announcment. Adorable.


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