fall fairy crown

7:32:00 PM

I was walking home a little while ago and spotted some very adorable acorns. I couldn't resist them, so I bent down and glanced around to make sure none of my old roommates were in sight and gathered about 30 of them. :) (They used to make fun of me because I always came home with little pieces of nature- sticks, acorns, leaves, flowers...)

I knew I had to use these as part of my Mother Nature costume, so I went out and picked some green and bendable twigs to make a fall fairy crown.

After manipulating the twigs into a crown form, I used my glue gun to glue the acorn heads on. Then, I curved the crown into a semicircle and stuck the ends in a book so that the green twigs would dry curved. I know it looks a little messy, but I think the glue will be hidden by my hair. I'm quite excited to wear it.

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  1. oh rach, we love you. and your pieces of nature you used to decorate the living room...

  2. i miss you and your random nature!

  3. Ok, so I know this is random but do you have any advice for someone who wants to essentially make that crown before Friday who has little to no experience? It would be the perfect finish to my costume of Puck from a "midsummer's night dream." Do you have any insights at all? Thanks,


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