family Halloween costumes 2009

10:50:00 PM

Halloween is coming right around the corner! For a few months now, I've been planning our family's costumes. I've been trying to hold in my excitement- knowing how nerdy/weird/ridiculous (choose whichever adjective you like) it is to begin planning in July. Now that we are safely into fall and the leaves are turning colors, I think I can talk about it. :)

Our family will have sort of a folklore of nature theme this year. Jack will be Jack Frost, Rob will be Father Time and I will be Mother Nature. I've obviously spent the most time planning my costume because it is the most fairiesque, but I've realized that spending hours hand painting sheer fabric for the perfect rainbow to turn into a waterfall is not realistic for Halloween. I would feel pretty silly admitting that I did all that work just for the ward Halloween party. I have to say. I love to dress up. Growing up, every time I had my friends over we would dress up... even when I was in college. Why didn't I study costume design more?

I plan on posting little parts of our costumes periodically with instructions in so you can use them if you want to adapt it for your child's (or your) dressing up needs. What are your Halloween plans?

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