Halloween costumes still in progress

5:28:00 PM

I'm still progress with our family Halloween costumes. I'm pretty much done with Rob's (post to come soon), Jack just needs some shoes and... well, mine is stumping me a bit. But I do have this:

I got some tulle in rainbow colors! It's hanging up by my bed to encourage me to keep brainstorming about the entire costume.

This is what I have decided on doing:

  • feathers somewhere on the bodice
  • zebra print somewhere in the skirt
  • a globe pendant on a necklace
  • shells somewhere
  • flowers (paper or fabric?) on the bodice
  • leaves (paper or fabric?) for part of the skirt

Most of the stumped is in the materials to use for a lot of these things because the leaves are falling and crunchy and the flowers are dying. Hmmmm... Any suggestions?

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  1. I am really excited to see the finished costumes!


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