How to make a long white beard

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Rob is going to be Father Time for Halloween this year. Last year he tried to grow a beard (see this in the color green). This year, thankfully, he will not, so I made a much softer (and very temporary) beard from white yarn and duct tape. This is a no-sew project for you who don't want to (Yes, I realize almost every post I do includes sewing of some sort.) This was also very cheap- especially if you have the materials on hand.


  • scissors
  • duct tape (and clear if wanted)
  • one spool of white yarn
  • a storage box lid or piece of cardboard (about 24" long)
Step 1: Wrap yarn around long side of lid, securing ends with tape. Wrap until the yarn covers 8-10 inches of lid.

Step 2: Tape duct tape across the yarn and press with your fingers to make sure that each strand is secured by the tape. Cut across the tape. Don't cut right down the middle. Leave 1/4" on one side.

This is what it should look like after you spread it out.

Step 3: Fold one 18" piece of duct tape in thirds. Tape a 4 1/2" long piece of tape right in the middle of the long piece of tape. Cut a half-circle out of the added piece for the mouth. This is your base.

Step 4: Lay the beard piece on the sticky side up of the base with the thinner tape side on top. Turn over. Pull the beard in through the mouth piece and tape down. Make sure the other side doesn't show the tape from the top of the beard piece. Tape down the sides of the middle piece along the bottom edge of the base.

Step 5: Make two side pieces using the same method as the middle beard piece.

Step 6: Tape the two side pieces onto the base, folding around the top of the base so the duct tape doesn't show.

Step 7: Make the mustache piece using the same method as the middle beard piece, but tying a piece of yarn around the piece and cutting it off on the opposite side of the tie.

Step 8: Wrap tape around the the mouth hole on the base to hold down the mustache. You may also want to stick some rolled tape along the base on the under side of the two side pieces to hold the yarn into place.

Step 9: Carefully lay the mustache on the rolled tape and adjust/fill in in places where you can see the tape. Trim off the tape at the bottom and trim your beard.

Optional steps:

You may want to bring the two ends of the base together so you can wrap it around the person's head. Rob wears glasses, so we will be hooking the end pieces to his glasses.

You may also want to cover the base in white flannel when you're done so it is softer and more comfortable to wear. I would just duct tape this on.

Tip: After doing this, I think that white duct tape may have been a better option to match the yarn, but you know... free verses another 5 bucks...

Tip: You can also make a long white wig using a similar process to go with your beard. I would just get a bigger spool of thread. Still deciding if I want to do this...

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  1. Wow, you are so creative. What will you be going as for Halloween, and what will you be doing?

  2. I was really hoping for a picture of Rob wearing the beard. We made a Dumbledore beard by cutting some off the wig of stringy grey hair and gluing it on with rubber cement. It worked great, but hurt later because of the reaction to the glue. I wouldn't recommend it. YOur idea is much safer.

  3. I am using this for my Dumbledore costume for the last Harry Potter midnight premiere! So far, I love the way mine is turning out! Thanks!


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