turquoise and red Christmas decorations

8:41:00 PM

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did. It was so much fun to spend time with both of our families. It was also very relaxing for me. (Rob would beg to differ. When I'm on vacation, I can't sit still so I call a relaxing vacation a time when I'm busy all day and then watch a movie at night.)

I am so thankful for everything I have. I feel so blessed. I love my family and I love my Savior.

The day after Thanksgiving, my mom asked me if I would be willing to decorate her living room. She had boxes and boxes of gorgeous decorations that seem to have tripled since I left home and I felt a little overwhelmed at first, but after sifting through it all, I got it all together.

I wanted to go with a turquoise and red theme because that is my favorite color combination and the combo was featured in a few of the Holiday magazine issues.

There weren't too many turquoise Christmas decorations, but luckily my mom already had some vintage turquoise dishes so we used those. Thanks to my brothers and sisters who helped so much.

Now I get to decorate our place! Phew. I can't wait to show you the ornaments we've added to our collection. I do love the holidays.


the stockings were hung...

4:29:00 PM

Sorry- no chimney...yet. I just got the stockings out early because I knew Jack would like to look at them. Remember last year? I finished these stockings last year- barely in time for Santa. They were done on Christmas Eve. I got the idea from some stockings from Pottery Barn Kids. They're not selling the ones I imitated this year, but they have some pretty darn cute ones. These were really fun to make. I just used felt. I stitched the pictures on with embroidery floss. I lined the stockings with cotton so Santa's treats wouldn't stretch the stockings out.

Here's Jacks:

Here's mine- a sugar plum fairy:

And here's Rob's. He actually did a little of it- good job sweetie!

Do you think I should put some different colored blue pom-poms on it like the others? Rob said I should leave them off, but his name is off center and I don't think it would be so obvious is there were pom-poms there. What do you think?



3:25:00 PM

Almost every larger scale sewing project I've done in the last few years has been made out of plaid.

Rob says the first step is to admit you have a problem.

baby stuff

vintage winter baby coat

9:56:00 PM

Well, it's been two weeks from since I began this coat, and while a week later than I planned, I finished Jack's coat just in time for the snow. I was going for a vintage 1940's and 1950's look, so after close inspection of a picture I found, I altered my pattern to fit the requirements. I moved the pockets close to the side seam and made them horizontal instead of vertical and I put all the buttons close together to give the illusion that the coat is longer.

I'm pleased with how it turned out, I'm also happy that I didn't spend half the time picking out stitches (as I usually do). I must be improving!

I was very lucky to squeeze the pattern pieces onto an old wool shirt that my mom accidentally shrank and gave to me. Total cost- $6. So, you know... I saved $200 right?

(Jack couldn't keep still, but here's a better front view of the coat.)

cool finds

Thanksgiving Decor

11:49:00 PM

I just thought I would put together some of my favorite Thanksgiving decor I've seen around the web. They don't all fit into any one particular style, but still, I like them.

Thanksgiving Hanging Leaves Garland- from Pottery Barn Kids

Fall Felted Acorns- from FairyFolk (my very favorite as seen above)

Handblown Glass Pumpkin- from JesseCGlass

Sweet Potato Pillow- from Nora Jane

Birch Pillar Candle- from Pottery Barn

Foglia Print Tablecloth- from Crate and Barrel


Vintage Christmas Cards

9:45:00 PM

I was rummaging through the University bookstore a while ago and I found this:

"Perfect!" I thought, "Just what I need for Christmas cards." Those of you who know me know I'm a sucker for vintage pictures. My mom collects vintage cards, and I love the cute depictions of innocent children and happy scenes.

So, for the few people I actually get a Christmas card out to, they'll receive something like this along with our family picture.

Are you as excited for the holidays as I am? I'm already pulling out some of our Christmas stuff.

baby stuff

winter coat coming along

9:35:00 PM

I know I said my goal was to finish the coat by the end of last week, but I promise I've been working on it almost every day for hours at a time. Today I thought I would finish it. It actually is almost finished. I would only need to do the buttons if Jack was the size of a 2 year old. Sadly, he is the size of a 12 month old, so I've got some major altering to do- I pretty much have to redo everything I did today. I was aiming for size 12-18 months, but I guess I missed the mark.

I did take a picture of the lining of the coat. My new machine allows me to do that cool swirly quilt stitching so I thought I would give it a shot. I know it looks like a jumbled mess probably, but look closely. What do you see?

Maybe two giraffes and an elephant in some super tall grass? I know the proportions are off, but hey, it was my first time.

kid stuff

what I've been having for lunch

8:26:00 PM

Please tell me I'm not the only one who had snacks like this growing up (other than my sisters). I've been having this for lunch quite often recently. Very simple, but still yummy.

Tomato-ey Nachos


tortilla chips
tomato sauce


Lay chips out on a plate.  Pour tomato sauce lightly on the chips.  Put cheese on top of everything.  Put in microwave for 30 sec-1 min.

feelings of a mom

winter coats

6:24:00 PM

I'm delaying working on yet another winter coat for Jack. I've designated one week to get it finished. It was really cold last week, but I was too busy with Halloween things. This week is warm, so the need isn't dire, but next week... Bleh.

This sewing project is more of a chore than fun. But I did tell Rob last night that we were saving $200 by having me make the coat of my dreams for Jack. I would post a picture, but I don't remember where I got it from. It is a beautiful coat. Of course, Rob knows better (and so do I)- I'm really only saving like $30 because I could just break down and by a regular baby winter coat. Maybe that's why I'm having a hard time motivating myself to do it.

In case you were wondering...

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