the stockings were hung...

4:29:00 PM

Sorry- no chimney...yet. I just got the stockings out early because I knew Jack would like to look at them. Remember last year? I finished these stockings last year- barely in time for Santa. They were done on Christmas Eve. I got the idea from some stockings from Pottery Barn Kids. They're not selling the ones I imitated this year, but they have some pretty darn cute ones. These were really fun to make. I just used felt. I stitched the pictures on with embroidery floss. I lined the stockings with cotton so Santa's treats wouldn't stretch the stockings out.

Here's Jacks:

Here's mine- a sugar plum fairy:

And here's Rob's. He actually did a little of it- good job sweetie!

Do you think I should put some different colored blue pom-poms on it like the others? Rob said I should leave them off, but his name is off center and I don't think it would be so obvious is there were pom-poms there. What do you think?

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  1. Super duper cute! Love them all!

    I think its fine without the pom poms. The off-centerness(hmm not a word) looks deliberate. Also it looks more masculine without it.

    That's just my two cents though.

    Hope your week is going swell!

  2. i didnt' even notice it was off center at first, (and i usually notice stuff like that...) i was too busy looking at the cute dots and snowflakes...
    they're all super cute!! you've inspired me to make some... someday...


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